DC police release photos of suspects in US Capitol siege

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Police in Washington DC have released dozens of photos of President Trump supporters who stormed the US Capitol on Wednesday, causing widespread damage and sending the nation’s capital into lockdown.

The DC Metropolitan Police Department posted the photos online late Tuesday, with images that include a man identified by media as Jake Angeli, a 32-year QAnon loyalist known in right-wing circles as the “Q Shaman.”

Police said the pictured protesters are sought for unlawful entry into the historic building.

The pics show rioters inside the Capitol Rotunda, where several are seen taking selfies, and others on the floor of the House and the Senate after breaching both chambers.

Another image shows a woman speaking through a bullhorn, and yet another shows a fur-clad protester holding a discarded DC police shield.

A woman is also seen outside the Capitol holding part of the name plate from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office, which was ransacked in the raid.

The assault on the building turned deadly when a Capitol Police officer shot and killed one demonstrator, Ashli Babbitt, a 35-year-old Air Force vet who was among those who broke into the Capitol.

Police said three other people died from medical emergencies.

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