Cyclist suffers horror injuries after barbed wire booby traps set on country path ‘to stop lockdown walkers’ – The Sun

A CYCLIST is lucky to be alive after riding face-first into a barbed wire booby trap on a country path in Wales.

The cruel trap – set at head height to maim or possibly blind unaware walkers and cyclists – has been slammed on social media as "evil".

Rider Neil Nunnerley, 47, was left with blood gushing from his mouth, and bruising to his chest and neck.

The barbed wire slashed a gaping hole inside his mouth, which had to be stitched up at hospital, reports Wales Online.

His face was torn when he cycled straight into the man-made barrier containing "woven" branches and dangerous barbed wire, placed across a trail.

The Radyr man said he was cycling at about "15 miles an hour" when he had the potentially deadly encounter in woodland near Taff's Well Quarry.

It's a route he knows well, as he's been riding in the area for more than 30 years, and it's located just one-and-a-half miles from his home.

Neil said: "One of the branches struck me and got lodged in my mouth, whilst the wire caught my chest and the lower [part] of my neck.

"I was pulled from my bike and fell backwards, striking my head on the floor.

"Thankfully my helmet saved me."


He has spoken out about his terrifying ordeal, to warn others visiting the area.

Wales Online said that elsewhere over the long weekend, similar barbed wire traps were set out to seriously hurt visitors in Swansea and Cardiff – with logs also placed on tracks to seriously injure cyclists.

Neil said that with more people visiting such beauty spots during lockdown, some were possibly becoming annoyed about sharing them with other residents also out exercising.

Some have been "shouting at the people who use this area for biking," he added.

On Facebook, the barbed wire incident has been slammed as "evil".

Mark Jones commented that it was "shocking as it could have been a little child".

There was also a call for the person placing the trap to be investigated for attempted murder.

One person suggested hidden cameras be set up to "catch the person in the act".

Police investigated Neil's accident, but the branch had been removed by the time they arrived at the location.


In a similar incident, one walker filmed barbed wire stretched across a cycle path in Elland Park Woods near Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Beauty spots elsewhere in the UK have also tried to deter visitors, placing signs warning others to "Stay Out" or declaring that they are closed, in a bid to keep tourists away.

Lake District locals recently erected their own roadblocks to keep daytrippers away from beauty spots as the lockdown eases.

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