Cindy Adams, the First Lady of Gossip, turns 90 — and still turns heads

Let us sing now of Cindy, 90 years young today, the Big Apple’s sustaining heartbeat and life force whom we have never needed more. She has been The New York Post’s reigning celebrity columnist for 40 years. She does it all by herself. No “leg man,” no “additional reporting by.” And she’s the best ever to mount her smiling likeness atop a half page of glamour, scandal and laughter.

From her very first scoop — her 1980 interview with the deathbed-bound Shah of Iran — Cindy Adams personifies and celebrates all that’s special about our beloved, beleaguered hometown.

Hotelier and Studio 54 co-founder Ian Schrager calls Cindy “the lighthouse of New York. I can’t think of the city without her. She’s up there with the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building.”

She’s the original Queen of All Media — a popular TV and radio personality and biographer of Actors Studio founder Lee Strasberg and Indonesian strongman Sukarno long before she first brightened The Post’s pages.

She’s our inspirational tour guide through all of the city’s roller-coaster peaks and valleys — happy and prosperous times, but also 9/11, the Wall Street crash, Hurricane Sandy and now the worst catastrophe of them all.

Cindy is unshakably loyal to those she cares about — but be lousy to her and she’ll get you, as she likes to say, “in this life or the next one.” Above all, she is loyal to New York City. Although a confidante of presidents, moguls, artists and dictators, Madam Adams’ first love is the Big Apple.

Hundreds of her front-page scoops (some presented here) festoon the walls and ceiling of her office at her Park Avenue penthouse, encrusted with art she and her late husband, Joey, collected from every remote corner of Asia. The headlines include such gems as “Gimme the Plaza,” when first wife Ivana Trump tried to wrest the hotel from The Donald in their divorce case, to “Secret Hotel Romps of Donald and Marla,” to her interviews with deposed dictator Manuel Noriega (whose pineapple-like face “wasn’t pretty,” she said).

And who can forget “Hunk finally does it” when JFK Jr. passed the bar exam on his third try?

01/15/20 New York Post Covers, Cindy Adams. Brian Zak/NY Post01/15/20 New York Post Covers, Cindy Adams. Brian Zak/NY Post01/15/20 New York Post Covers, Cindy Adams. Brian Zak/NY Post01/15/20 New York Post Covers, Cindy Adams. Brian Zak/NY Post

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