Chris Christie says he eats M&Ms the pro way

Candy-crushing Chris Christie swears that he wasn’t replenishing his M&M supply when he was spotted dumping a bag of the sweets into a bigger box during an NCAA game.

The New Jersey governor, who was photographed in mid-pour at last week’s Notre Dame-Wisconsin face-off in Philadelphia, said that the candies come double-packaged — with the bag in the box — and that he was simply putting them all into the sturdier vessel for convenience.

“There’s a bag inside the box, you dope!” he told co-hosts Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason on their WFAN talk-radio show Wednesday. “It’s easier to hold the box than it is to hold the bag.”

Pressed by the hosts on why he wouldn’t just eat the M&M’s out of the bag, the former Republican presidential candidate said, “Because the bag is flimsy.”

He went on to detail his M&M-eating strategy.

“You get the box. You open the box. There’s a bag inside the box,” Christie said. “Why they do it that way I have no idea, but you open up the bag, you pour the bag into the box, so it’s easier to hold.”

He didn’t hazard his own guess as to why M&M’s are packaged that way.

“I run New Jersey, not M&M-Mars,” he said, referring to M&M’s maker.

The photo went viral on Twitter, with users mocking Christie, who underwent Lap-Band surgery in 2013.

“Chris Christie pouring his bag of M&M’s into a bigger bag of MORE M&M’s is a savage and perplexing move,” tweeted Pete Blackburn, a sports editor at Uproxx.

Christie said Carton and Esiason “joined the dummies in the Twitterverse” by poking fun at him.

“Even if it was bag-to-bag, how that’s a story, I have no idea,” he said on the air.

A spokesman for Mars said, “We use a variety of packaging techniques to ensure product quality and freshness.”

Christie dropped out of the presidential primary race in February and has since backed Donald Trump.

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