Cat squeezes its whole body head first into a vase

Extraordinary moment curious cat squeezes itself headfirst into a glass vase and sends its owner into a panic

  • Footage, from Saransk, Mordovia Republic, Russia, shows a cat stuck in a vase
  • The cat smells and pats the sides and bottom of the vase while the owner laughs 
  • But when its whole body tumbles headfirst into the vase the owner yells in panic  

An owner’s amusement at her cat’s curiosity turned to panic when the cat managed to get itself stuck head-first in a glass vase. 

The video filmed in the Mordovia Republic in Russia shows the kitten exploring the inside of a glass vase with its owner chatting and giggling over the cat’s playfulness.  

The young cat is inquisitive about the inside of the vase as it smells and touches the bottom and sides of the vase with its rear end hilariously hanging out. 

The curious cat first puts its front half into the glass vase in the Mordovia Republic in Russia

The brave kitten pushes itself up onto its front legs and rolls the rest of its body and back legs quickly and suddenly into the vase. 

With only its tail hanging out the cat realises that there is no exit at the bottom of the vase and starts frantically turning itself in circles. 

Its owner’s laugh turns into a worried yell just before she stops filming her cat. 

The cat is unable to figure out how to get out of the vase from the top and decides to try the bottom of the vase resulting in everything but its tail squished into the small, glass space

Cats like to hide in places because their instincts make them want to be as invisible as they can from predators especially when they are unaware and sleeping for up to 20 hours a day.  

The feline creatures contort themselves to fit into the smallest, warmest hiding-places because they like temperatures between 30C and 36C, according to pet website Cuteness.

So this vase-loving cat is not alone with its hiding places going wrong. 

This cat found itself stuck in a rather uncomfortable position in the middle of some blinds.  

Don’t look at me! After trying to scale the blinds, this cat is embarrassed things went wrong

Perhaps a bit more comfortable but definitely just as squished is this little guy stuck in a pack of toilet roll. 

Wedged in: This cat might have been comfortable to begin with but soon changed its mind 

 It’s not only cats that get themselves stuck. 

This dog had not quite figured out how to sit on a chair and decided that being stuck in the middle of it was just as good.

New look: This dog seemed to be quite pleased with the blue stool it had found 

And maybe this cat has figured out the only exit in a glass vase but it is yet to unravel its squished body. 

In a pickle: This fluffy feline managed to squeeze its entire body into a tiny glass jar



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