Capitol suspect Noah Green sent worrying text before attack and posted ‘US gov is #1 enemy of Black people’

CAPITOL suspect Noah Green dubbed the US government the "#1 enemy of Black people" before he allegedly rammed a car into a barricade and killed a cop.

Green, 25, once a promising college football star, was shot dead after he allegedly ploughed his Nissan Altima into a Capitol security cordon in Washington DC on Friday.

The former athlete also sent a concerning text message to his brother Brendan the day before the horrific attack.

Green reportedly wrote: "I'm sorry but I'm just going to go and live and be homeless. Thank you for everything that you've done.

"I looked up to you when I was a kid. You inspired me a lot."

Brendan – one of Green's nine siblings – moved his brother in with him after he grew concerned about his drug abuse and mental health.

The two lived together in an apartment in Virginia, with Green moving in two weeks ago after spending some time in Indianapolis.

His brother told The Washington Post that Green suffered hallucinations, heart palpitations, headaches and suicidal thoughts.

And his Facebook account offered some insight into his mental state before social media giant took it down in following the attack.

Just hours before allegedly ramming his vehicle into the security cordon, Green branded the federal government the "#1 enemy of Black People".

He leapt from his vehicle with a knife at about 1pm before being gunned down by cops – but not before killing Capitol police officer Billy Evans.

Green was not known to security services and the shocking incident as sparked new fears over the security of the Senate and Congress following the riot on January 6.

Once a star of his college football team, Green graduated with a degree in finance from Christopher Newport University (CNU) in Virginia in 2019.

His life spiraled out of control in the next two years as the young man was overcome by paranoia and depression.

Facebook posts from him reveal a disturbed mind as he became convinced he was a victim of "mind control" by the CIA and FBI.

He also made numerous posts regarding the Nation of Islam, a religious movement that combines Muslim beliefs with black nationalism.

"Satan's rule over us is up," he said, in a Facebook post on March 17, and also boasted he had been "chosen" for a mission.

Green credited the leader of Nation of Islam,  Louis Farrakhan, with saving him from the "terrible afflictions" which he had suffered and hailed him as "Jesus, the Messiah".

He also appeared to dub himself "Noah X", revealed he had sent $1,085 as a donation to the organization, and attempted to legally change his name to Noah Zaeem Muhammad.

Green was a distinguished athlete as he played football and ran track, earning All-District, All-Conference, and team MVP honors in 2013.

CNU confirmed he attended the university and played on their football team in fall seasons in 2017 and 2018.

On his biography page for the team, Green said the "person in history he'd most like to meet is Malcolm X."

People who went to school with him as an "average jock" – who was athletic, popular and worked at a gym in college.

Andre Toran, who was a captain on the football team at the time, said Green was a "really quiet guy".

Toran, now a reporter at the Courier-Journal in Louisville, Kentucky, said: "I know people say this all the time, but the guy who I played with is not the same person who did this."

He said Green's mental state became an issue of concern among their friends, and he revealed Facebook posts which accused roommates of drugging him and said he was experiencing "suicidal ideation".

KC Humphries, who attended CNU with Green, also noted the change on content on his Facebook.

She told USA Today: "They were very weird. It was posts about joining his church and 'one day you'll see' kind of stuff', It was just a lot of weird, kind of cult stuff."

In one post on March 17, Green wrote: "To be honest these past few years have been tough, and these past few months have been tougher,' he said.

"I have been tried with some of the biggest, unimaginable tests in my life.

"I am currently now unemployed after I left my job partly due to afflictions, but ultimately, in search of a spiritual journey."

He had also spent some time in Botswana a few months ago on a kind of spiritual mission, and confided in his brother Brendan he had attempted suicide.

DC police have said Green's attack does not "appear to be terrorism-related" as they continue the probe and try to piece together his seemingly chaotic life.

Grief has rocked Metropolitan and Capitol forces with the killing of officer Evans just month after the horrific scenes on January 6 which saw 140 cops injured and the death of Brian Sicknick.

In a new statement this morning, the Capitol police said: "The US Capitol Police Department is deeply grateful for the support we’ve received from around the world.

"We wish we could respond to each one of you. Please know your sympathy is appreciated beyond words."

President Joe Biden said he was "heartbroken" at the news of Evans' killing and ordered the flags at the White House at half-mast following the attack at the Capitol.

Following the tragic news, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered flags to be flown half-staff at the US Capitol.

She said in a statement on Friday that Evans was "a martyr for democracy."

"Today, America's heart has been broken by the tragic and heroic death of one of our Capitol Police Heroes."

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