Brussels must get real and sign the basic trade deal that Boris Johnson has demanded

EU clowns

IT beggars belief. After wasting months with its brinkmanship, the EU suddenly realises that it’s run out of time.

That it will never get ANY trade deal signed off by its 27 members unless it’s done and dusted next Monday.

And now a Brussels aide has Covid, Michel Barnier is self-isolating and face-to-face talks are suspended.

Under Theresa May, this fiasco might have been blamed on UK dithering.

But Boris Johnson was always clear: We want a basic trade deal, like Canada’s.

Indeed it could have been signed months ago. But Brussels is still determined we must suffer for Brexit — or sacrifice part of our new sovereignty.

They gambled that we would buckle at the last minute. But the last minute is here and Britain will still NOT accept EU diktat nor surrender our fishing waters.

Time’s up. Brussels must get real.

Sorry? Jez isn’t

NOT for the first time Gordon Brown is away with the fairies.

Jeremy Corbyn, he says, must make a full apology to British Jews — “no ifs, no buts” — and “admit he got it wrong”.

Has Brown paid any attention to the shell-suited messiah over the last 40 years? He is never wrong.

His principles, morality and behaviour are saintly and unimpeachable. The certainty of that guides Corbyn through the day, along with his cronies and half of Twitter.

He’s more likely to vote Tory than apologise meaningfully to Jews.

Besides, we suspect Keir Starmer will eventually just hand the whip back to the Lenin-capped pillock anyway.

He’d rather roll over than have the full-blown Labour civil war he is terrified of.

School howler

CLOSING schools was possibly the gravest Covid error and must never happen again.

An Oxford University study now says it had no impact on stopping the disease and that schoolkids do not tend to spread it nor increase the risk to OAPs or other vulnerable people.

But let us not forget how the unions stoked panic among teachers and parents even after scientists said schools were safe. How they helped ensure most stayed closed before the summer break.

It is too much to hope for any remorse from the National Education Union.

But they should hang their heads in shame for the damage done to our kids.

Sharp idea

WE did wonder how the Government would vaccinate tens of millions. Now we know.

The fire brigade — plus an army of other first-aiders and full-time medics.

It’s good to see someone using their imagination to pull off one of the biggest logistical challenges in decades.

After all, it’s all hands to the pump.

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