Brooklyn precinct slammed for deploying cops to tow trucks amid coronavirus pandemic

What the truck?

With thousands of cops calling out sick, the 66th Precinct in Borough Park got hammered on social media for deploying precious manpower on towing trucks along Brooklyn’s Bay Parkway.

Deputy Inspector James King, the precinct’s commander, did not read the room when he trumpeted the ticket and tow blitz on the precinct’s Facebook page, complete with pics: “Our traffic safety officer was out on Bay pkwy towing these illegally parked trailers. Please remember commercial vehicles can’t be parked on commercial blocks.”

The response was quick and heated.

“Truckers are working their asses off right now – be part of the solution not the problem,” fumed an ex-cop. “You are why we retire after 20 – because of a–holes who wear brass.”

Another poster, John Rogers, railed,  “Moronic all the way around. First, for actually enforcing this nonsense during a pandemic. Second, actually posting this on social media for all to see their stupidity and finally, for thinking that actual truckers or commercial vehicle owners subscribe to the 66 Pct FB page! Way to go Capt. Obvious! Disgraceful and embarassing all in one.”

Another blasted, “2,400 [members of the service] called out sick and this is what we are doing? Unreal.”

Riled-up trucker Rick Hamlett replied, “We just need to stop delivering to New York all together. Problem solved.”

The NYPD did not return comment.

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