Brit mum gives birth in quarantine and gets stuck in Portugal for 7 WEEKS after flight home diverted when she hit labour – The Sun

A BRIT mum who went into premature labour on Ryanair ended up stuck in quarantine for seven weeks in Portugal.

Lauren McLean, 28, gave birth to Oscar Jacob Wall while heading home to Birmingham from Tenerife, after the flight was diverted for an emergency landing in Faro.

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She hailed midwife Angela Chamberlain as her "saviour" for successfully delivering her boy – who weighed 3lb 7oz, and was born 10 weeks early.

Angela told Birmingham Mail, "it was like a Hollywood movie", as she carefully took Lauren's weight while supporting her on the plane floor.

The midwife had leapt into action after the crew called for help when Lauren suddenly realised she was going into labour at 30,000 feet.

Lauren told the Mail Online that she was lying on black bin liners at the rear of the Boeing 737, "terrified" and taking "really big deep breaths" during contractions.

The first inkling of the impending premature labour occurred when Lauren, "went to the toilet and could feel my baby’s head emerging.

"I knew it was serious and my mum was inside the cubicle with me and knew we had to do something."

She said: "I just knew that I could not give birth [on the flight] as I did not want to lose my son."

Angela said: "An air hostess was looking out of the window so she could tell me the exact moment we would land, so we would brace ourselves and I could take the weight on my hands on the floor."

Emergency responders were waiting for the plane in Faro, and Oscar was born 15 minutes afer the flight touched down, after "two small pushes," said Lauren.

She added: "It was like something out of a film."

The newborn was then rushed to Faro hospital.

However, because of Portugal's strict coronavirus lockdown measures, Lauren was only allowed to visit Oscar in hospital once a day for seven weeks.

Lauren's boyfriend, Jake Ward, and her mum, Adie, managed to stay on in Portugal to support the new mother.

Oscar did "very well" in hospital, aside from getting a "slight infection" – not from coronavirus, however.

As soon as he reached a weight of 6lbs, doctors gave them the all-clear to return to the UK.

Luckily, there were no issues with their holiday insurance, with the firm covering the cost of an air ambulance on April 22.

However, the baby has yet to have a cuddle with his family here, because of the UK's lockdown rules.

Instead, relatives "come to the window to see him", Lauren said.

He has continued to thrive since arriving home, with Lauren adding, "he has had quite a start to his life, and [there] will be a story we will tell him when he is older".

The Birmingham Mail adds that Oscar's proud dad is particularly thrilled about his son being born in Portugal, as he can qualify for a Portuguese passport, and he's hoping that once his lad is old enough to play football he could become the next Ronaldo.

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