Bournemouth beach mayhem should trouble PM as we approach July 4 'independence day'

THE Bournemouth beach mayhem should trouble Boris Johnson as we approach his July 4 “independence day”.

It is true that previous mass gatherings outside, with no social distancing, haven’t caused a Covid spike — and we can only hope that’s so this time too.

Nor do we blame anyone who flocked down there. Many are furloughed. It’s not their fault they can’t work.

We’re more concerned about the nation’s capacity to stay safe inside pubs and restaurants on the day lockdown is further relaxed . . . a Saturday too.

From yesterday’s chaos, we all seem more than ready to be unleashed. And The Sun would never party-poop.

But somehow we have to be sensible and sober enough to maintain distance, wear masks and follow rules.

The Police Federation fears cops and the NHS will be hard hit — that Boris has begun a “countdown to carnival”.

They may be right. Countdown to carnage might be closer.

Far too PC

POLICE chiefs should be ashamed of their supine surrender to violent mobs.

Hundreds of wounded officers are now the victims of their leaders’ politically-correct feebleness.

The Sun has warned them their timidity would give licence to lawlessness and we were right.

Too few politicians speak up for the law and our officers who put their lives on the line day in and day out.

Yesterday in violent scenes after an illegal street party got out of control in Brixton, 22 officers were injured and just four arrests were made.

For too long the Met’s leaders and the Mayor have allowed fear of causing offence trump protecting the public at large — especially over the last few weeks.

Indeed the Met has been reduced to a laughing stock. Home Secretary Priti Patel is right to ask for an explanation from Cressida Dick today.

Told Bailey

SIR Keir Starmer was right to fire Rebecca Long Bailey and should now go further.

There should be no place in his party, let alone on his front bench, for the hard-Left’s Marxist fantasies and racism.

Voters overwhelmingly rejected these clowns last December.

It is clear from her gushing praise for Maxine Peake’s anti-capitalist, anti-Semitic rant that Long Bailey learned nothing from that.

It would have been bad enough from a backbench crank. From the shadow education secretary it was appalling.

But Corbynite extremists are still a roadblock to Starmer’s hope of getting a moderate Labour government elected.

Long Bailey’s sacking can only be a start.

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