Bonking boffin broke own lockdown rules – so how can we trust what these preachy experts say? – The Sun

IT'S the type of breathtaking hypocrisy that makes you understand why the public holds experts and politicians and most people in public life in such disdain.

Neil Ferguson embraced his nickname Professor Lockdown after he was credited with getting the government to accept the current draconian stay at home measures using scientific modelling that now looks dodgy at best.

But now he will forever be remembered as the bonking boffin.

Because while Professor Ferguson was supposedly locked down recovering from Covid-19 himself, he was actually getting his leg over with a married left-wing activist who had broken lockdown rules by leaving her house on one side of London.

Preachy Ferguson – the Imperial College scientist who regularly liked to talk down to us on Radio 4’s dire Today programme – has now stepped down from the government’s key SAGE advisory group but the damage is done.

I am incensed about this fragrant sanctimony that proves once and for all what I’ve suspected for some time: The London liberal elite believe they can institute rules on us mere mortals while doing what the hell they want behind closed doors.

How can we trust the orders these pious medical types and scientists are giving us when their private behaviour suggests they don’t take it at all seriously?

Professor Ferguson is not the first to be exposed during this crisis.

Scotland's chief medical officer Dr Catherine Calderwood was forced to resign after The Scottish Sun revealed she had made two trips to her second home during the lockdown, brazenly ignoring her own advice that she was promoting to the rest of the population.

But Professor Ferguson’s behaviour is particularly galling for two other reasons.

Firstly, there’s growing evidence that his modelling from March 16 suggesting 500,000 Brits would die from coronavirus that spooked the government into enforcing a strict lockdown was way off target.

If that modelling was applied to Sweden, which bravely stuck to a herd immunity, then 40,000 would be dead. So far less than 3,000 have died there.

Interestingly, he also predicted similar doomsday scenarios for mad cow disease, swine flu and bird flu.

And secondly, his excuse for continuing his sex sessions with a married woman from another household has undermined the government’s messaging even more.

He said: “I acted in the belief that I was immune, having tested positive for coronavirus, and completely isolated myself for almost two weeks after developing symptoms.”

Well using his reasoning then myself or any of the other thousands of coronavirus survivors can go and throw one hell of a house party tonight.

We know that’s not a message the government, desperate to reduce the infection rate before lockdown measures are lifted, would approve of.

So I’m sorry Professor Ferguson, you can crawl back to the BBC and try to lecture the rest of us, but I’ll never be listening to anything you have to say again.

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