Bloodthirsty ISIS fanatics call coronavirus ‘God’s little soldier' as they begin new surge of brutal executions in Syria

ISIS terrorists are calling coronavirus 'God's little soldier' as they start to resurface in Iraq and Syria.

The terror cult has been using the pandemic as cover while it grows stronger and ramps up a fresh wave of suicide attacks, executions and assassinations.

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They are now known to be on the rise in Syria and Iraq where they are exploiting the lack of US troops and support as well as the effects of the virus.

The extremist organisation has been conducting, filming and publishing gory new executions and assassinations of anyone who opposes them.

On June 24 the Islamic State Syria region released a third video in a series titled “Battle of Attrition,” with the latest instalment focusing on operations in the Hasakah region in northeastern Syria.

The 12 minute video shows the murder of SDF members and their allies through drive-by shootings, executions, IED attacks, raids and a 2019 attack on a US base.

The video ends with masked fighters ceremonially renewing their oath of allegiance to the new ISIS leader Abu Ibrahim Al-Hashemi.

In recent months ISIS has been relentless, with more and more suicide attacks and prison breaks.

Their numbers are growing again too in spite of continued RAF air support for the Kurdish and local forces who have been left to fight.

Kurdish special forces were featured in a BBC Radio 4 report raiding a house in Syria where they rounded up 150 suspected members of the death cult.

ISIS has vowed to free the still defiant women and children in the Kurdish camps like Al-Hawl prison camp, which are now increasingly vulnerable.

Loyalist Jihadi brides are getting bolder within the weakened prison camps too.

Radical inmates were recently filmed marching through the camp shouting "Isis shall remain" under the ISIS banner.

There are increasing levels of extremism among the camp population which used to be home to Shamima Begum.

Many, like a Canadian inmate interviewed by the BBC, say they live in fear.

She describes the camp as infected by extremism, leading to a culture of fear, violence and murder.

Prisoners are escaping more frequently now too.

ISIS jihadi brides and their children are being smuggled through rebel-held Idlib and into Turkey for just $1700 to $3000 per head.

Coronavirus has hammered war torn Iraq and Syria, where hospitals are unable to meet existing needs and hygiene conditions are dire.

Iraq has reported 45,402 case and 1,756 deaths from coronavirus.

Syria has officially reported only 256 cases and 9 deaths according to Johns Hopkins University, but this figure is believed to not be accurate.

Senior consulting fellow at London-based think-tank Chatham House, Zaki Mehchy, previously told Al Jazeera: "Medical staff believe that there are many people who are dying in Syria with the symptoms of the virus.

"But the security agencies ask them or order them not to mention it, especially to the media."

President Bashar al-Assad's government has closed borders, forbidden movement between provinces and shut schools and restaurants in an effort to stem the spread of the virus.


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