Bill Maher calls people still wearing masks 'f***ing morons' and slams Kevin Hart's 'white power' comments in shock rant

BILL Maher slammed people still wearing masks as "f***ing morons" and mocked Kevin Hart's "white power" comments in a shocking rant.

The liberal host, who will regularly mock both the right and left, made the crude comments during Friday's episode of his HBO show Real Time.

Maher said that people who are vaccinated against Covid-19 and still choosing to wear their masks could be a "big liability" for Democrats.

"I see people on the street walking outside with a mask on, like, you f***ing moron," Maher quipped.

"I just shout at them outside the car, you're a moron! You never could get it outside, really, and you're alone walking on the street with a mask?"

The host went on to insist that the pandemic is "over," despite the fact that only around 53 percent of adults in the US are fully vaccinated, according to the latest CDC data.

"Can we just say it's over?" Maher said. "I know it was great fun to have a pandemic and order Grubhub every night, but …"

"I watch the basketball playoffs now, most of the people are in the stands not wearing masks, and apparently there's no super-spreader event coming out of that," he went on.

The outspoken host later went on to slam Kevin Hart over an interview with the New York Times where the comedian claimed that "white power and white privilege" is at an "all-time high."

Maher said that liberals who have gone too far to the "woke" side are suffering from "progress-o-phobia."

He brought up things like the Tulsa Massacre, the creation of the KKK, and segregation in the 1960s and said claiming racism is at "an all-time high" makes no sense.

"This is one of the big problems with wokeness: that what you say doesn't have to make sense or chime with the facts or even be challenged," Maher said.

"Saying white power and privilege is at an all-time high is just ridiculous," he continued. "Higher than a century ago, the year of the Tulsa Race Massacre?"

"Higher than the years when the KKK rode unchecked and the KKK went unchallenged?

"Higher than the 1960s when the Supremes and the Willie Mays still couldn't stay in the same hotel as the white people they were working with? Higher than during slavery?"

He went onto explain what he means by "progessophobia," a term coined by Steven Pinker to described a brain disorder that makes liberals incapable of seeing progress.

"It's like situational blindness although it means you can't see that your dorm in 2021 is better than the South before the Civil War," he quipped.

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