Bill de Blasio slammed for deserted Times Square dance as Covid-ravaged New Yorkers remain in lockdown

BILL de Blasio has been slammed for his deserted Times Square dance on New Years Eve as Covid-ravaged New Yorkers remained in lockdown.

The New York City mayor slow danced with his wife Chirlane McCray after the crystal ball dropped at midnight.

Frank Sinatra's "New York, New York" played throughout an empty Times Square on Thursday night as de Blasio had one hand placed gently on his wife's back while they rocked back-and-forth.

The NYC Mayor's Office tweeted a 21-second video of the couple's criticized celebration in the early hours of January 1, 2021 – prompting social media backlash.

"Happy #NewYear from the greatest city in the world," the office wrote to Twitter.

De Blasio and his wife were both wearing masks as they danced on a stage in Manhattan's major commercial intersection.

The mayor's beloved city was empty for the ball-drop as millions were forced to celebrate at home during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

As of 11am on Friday morning, the video clip obtained more than 450,000 views and hundreds of disapproving comments.

One social media wrote to Twitter: "Makes me sick, please resign. Thanks."

Another tweeted: "This is like if George Bush had danced on the rubble of the World Trade Center."

"On behalf of all New Yorkers and people who were told to stay home on New Years Eve…. GO F***YOURSELF!" another Twitter user commented.

One angry commenter wrote: "Shut down the city but have your own private party in Times Square. What a clown of mayor. The greatest city in the world deserves better."

Meanwhile, Andy Cohen, the co-host of CNN’s New Year’s Eve Live show, also had some harsh words to say towards the NYC mayor.

Cohen, 52, denounced the mayor's midnight dance after having a drink with his co-host Anderson Cooper, who seemed agitated as he gagged after swallowing whatever he ingested.

In response to Cooper's freak-out, Cohen said: "Alright, alright – That’s how I felt when I saw Mayor de Blasio dancing just now.

"I just don’t need to see that at the beginning of 2021."

Cohen then lifted his hands up, looked up in the air, and raised his voice.

He yelled: "Do something with this city! Honestly, get it together!"

Before denouncing the mayor, Cohen – donning a bright red, hooded-jacket – celebrated the close of 2020.

"And 2020 is freakin' gone. We flushed it down the toilet like the fecal mess that is was."

Mayor de Blasio himself shared a photo of his NYE celebration and wrote to Twitter: "Happy New Year, New York City!

"As a city, as a community, we have been through so much this year. We showed our resolve and proved New York City will come back stronger than ever."

His post was also hit with critical commentary, reading: "This is the year we get rid of De Blasio! Countdown until November!" and "You have destroyed this city."

The mayor pushed the Waterford crystal button to prompt the NYE ball-drop and his dance moves – as the United States rang in the New Year under a shadow of Covid.

Many Americans looked forward to the start of 2021, as the 2020 came to a close as the uS recorded at least 19.7 million confirmed coronavirus cases and 342,414 Covid deaths.

As a "Super-Covid" strain, which originated in the United Kingdom is making its way across the nation, many have chosen to celebrate New Years Eve from the comfort of their homes.

New York City's Times Square was an unusual sight to see as it was closed to the public leading up to the annual ball drop.

Live performances took place throughout the night to celebrate New Year's Eve 2021.

Performances for ABC's "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve" were done by Jennifer Lopez, Billy Porter, Cyndi Lauper, Jimmie Allen, and Machine Gun Kelly.

Prior to the ball-drop in NYC, President-elect Joe Biden and his wife, Dr Jill Biden, experienced a confetti popper mishap after urging Americans to get vaccinated against Covid.

The awkward moment took place on live TV as the former vice president, 78, and his 69-year-old wife appeared on Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve on ABC.

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