Arrested lout is filmed by wife sipping beer and posing with a spliff

Handcuffed lout is filmed by wife sipping Special Brew and posing with a cannabis spliff in back of POLICE VAN ‘after officers fail to search them’

  • Crook Carl Scarrow, 39, also claimed he also secreted cocaine on his person
  • Video shot by wife Leanne, 37, appeared to show him with a spliff in the vehicle
  • He claims he was not searched by arresting police when he was detained
  • Cambridgeshire Police has launched an investigation into the footage

An investigation has been launched into how an arrested and handcuffed criminal was apparently able to down super-strength lager and smoke a spliff in the back of a police van.

Crook Carl Scarrow, 39, also claimed he was able to have secreted cocaine on his person for him and his wife Leanne, 37, to snort in the back of the vehicle.

The serial criminal – who has a string of convictions including burgling a dead woman’s home – was being taken to Cambridge police station at the time.

He had been arrested over another burglary, but had his case dropped earlier this year.

A Cambridgeshire police spokesperson told MailOnline: ‘We are aware of a video that purports to have been taken in the back of a Cambridgeshire police van.

‘We are looking into the circumstances surrounding the video and an internal investigation is underway, therefore it would be inappropriate to comment further.’

Crook Carl Scarrow, 39, pictured here with lager and a spliff in the back of a police van

The video, filmed on a mobile by Leanne shows him callously lifting a can of Special Brew to his mouth.

Scarrow, who can also be seen clutching a spliff, is jokingly told off by her as she says ‘He’s a p*** taker isn’t he?’. 

Then she lifts a pipe up to the screen before sniffing white powder from her phone.

He was arrested over a burglary in Soham, Cambs, back in March.

Scarrow claims police did not search him and even stopped the van halfway to Cambridge police station so he and his wife could smoke a cigarette.

The dad of two boasted to The Sun: ‘I had a spliff in the back and I was snorting cocaine as well. I couldn’t believe it. I snorted whatever I had on me, a gram or something.

The footage was shot by his wife Leanne, 37, and is being investigated by the police

‘I was laughing, I was taking the p**s, wasn’t I. I didn’t care. I wasn’t worried that I would get into trouble. I couldn’t believe it.

‘I would have thought the police could have seen me on the camera but they didn’t stop me. The police allowed me the beer in the van.

‘We stopped along the way for a cigarette and the phone was in my missus’s handbag, so that’s when we got that out. It meant we were able to film. I don’t think the police cared what we were doing.’

He was detained but the case was dropped in September after new evidence came to light.

Searches on criminals has become an incredibly serious issue among police forces.

Hero officer Sgt Matt Ratana was killed at Croydon Custody Centre on September 25 as he prepared to search a man, who had managed to smuggle a gun into the station.

The prime suspect in the murder Louis De Zoysa, 23, may never be prosecuted unless his condition improves after he was left paralysed and brain damaged.

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