Amanda Knox slams critics of ‘not guilty’ Carole Baskin on new podcast, hints at future interview with Tiger King star – The Sun

AMANDA Knox slammed the rush to judgement that Tiger King star Carole Baskin killed her husband Don Lewis and hinted at interviewing the animal rights activist in the future.

In an op-ed published on Tuesday, Knox said the viral documentary showed "insufficient evidence" that Baskin played a role in Lewis' disappearance as the Netflix production alleges.

"I wouldn't fault you for thinking any of these things," Knox wrote of Baskin's naysayers in her op-ed for Crime Story.

"I came away from the docuseries feeling the same way about these people."

"It certainly seems that Carole Baskin had a hand in her husband's disappearance. The police reports, that altered power of attorney, the way she laughs…How could she not be guilty?"

From 2007 to 2015, Knox spent four years behind bars in Italy and eight years on trial for the brutal murder and sexual assault of her British roommate, but was ultimately acquitted.

Lewis' 1997 death has returned to the forefront because of the wildly popular series, in which "Tiger King" Joe Exotic also accuses Baskin of murdering her husband.

Knox is convinced that the rise in viral videos and parody songs about the case fed the beliefs of those who consider Baskin to be guilty and furthered the narrative that she fed her husband to her tigers.

In a viral TikTok remake of Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage", Knox criticized the intentions of the filmmakers and seemingly hinted a future interview of her own with Baskin.

"Carole Baskin maybe killed her husband/ I don't know, I'm withholding judgment/ Objective, that doc series wasn't / So let's have a discussion," she raps.

I know I'm late to the game, but you can now read my take on the gleeful vilification of Carole Baskin in #TigerKing at @crimestorymediaI also rewrote the lyrics of the TikTok dance challenge. Would love to see your moves! SHOW ME WHAT YOU GOT!

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In her op-ed, Knox questioned whether any of the film's stars were content with their portrayal – Baskin in particular, who was depicted "as among the villains."

"I commend the filmmakers for how they were able to show the complex humanity behind the self-styled cartoonish personality of Joe Exotic," she wrote in her op-ed.

"That takes empathy, and skillful storytelling. But they didn't extend that treatment to Carole Baskin."

Though the 32-year-old journalist made it clear she doesn't know if Baskin actually killed Lewis, she urged law enforcement to "investigate further".

She also pressed them to "let Carole Baskin have her day in court, if the evidence warrants a trial."

"Bet let's be careful with the impulse to think that we know all the facts and are qualified to pass down judgment because we sat in our pajamas, day-drinking and tweeting during quarantine, while we binged a docuseries on Netflix," she told readers.

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