Aerial pictures show inside Madeleine McCann search at suspect Christian B's 'paradise' dam as cops ‘end hunt today’ | The Sun

THE search for Madeleine McCann clues at a reservoir could end today after cops were told to stand down.

It comes as aerial pictures show search crews at the secluded lake in Portugal that prime suspect Christian B called his "little paradise".

Insiders said Portuguese police officers were told they will no longer be needed after this afternoon following three days of digging – signalling it could be the end of the operation.

A well-placed police source said: “The GNR has received instructions to stand down at 4pm local time.”

The GNR is one of two local forces involved in the search alongside bandana-clad German officers probing sex offender Christian B.

He used to stay at the lake around the time Madeleine vanished in 2007.

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Police have been spotted removing what appeared to be large brown evidence bags from the search site at Arade Dam, 31 miles from where Maddie was taken in Praia da Luz.

However, they have not revealed any information about what was found.

A tip-off from a former friend of Christian B is understood to have prompted the hunt at the remote site.

The information was cross-checked against pictures and videos showing Christian B nearby at around the time the three-year-old British tot was taken.

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Dozens of German, Portuguese and British cops scheduled to scour the waterside beauty spot for two days were given more time to complete their work on Wednesday.

It is understood search crews were asked to look for cloth and fibres – amid claims traces of Madeleine’s pink pyjamas were being sought.

A Portuguese source told The Sun: "It's clear that they believe there may be something very important here – because they've been given more time to search for it.

"The area is also being extended to include an area covered by vegetation which is being cut back so the ground can be examined.

“Indications are that the operation will continue into Thursday and possibly longer."

Today, cops shifted their focus to a spot where vital evidence or even a body may have been dumped.

Cops are understood to think it could be where Christian B may have tossed Maddie's body or vital evidence into the water below from.

On the evening of day two teams clearly focused on a small patch of ground shrouded by trees and shrubs around 20 yards from the water line.

A core group of around six officers worked methodically at the spot with picks, shovels and rakes.

They were partially obscured but could clearly be seen sifting the earth for clues as soil was removed for closer inspection in a wheelbarrow.

The ground would have been virtually at the water's edge in May 2007 when the drought-hit reservoir was at normal levels.

And the level of focus shown suggested the team were acting on information directing them to a likely spot.

German cops probing the 45-year-old predator believe he may have taken Madeleine to the beauty spot after snatching her as her parents Kate and Gerry dined out.

And they remain convinced the convicted rapist and paedophile raped and killed her before dumping her body.

Christian B is currently in jail for the 2005 rape of an American pensioner in Praia da Luz, just yards from the McCanns' apartment.

He also faces a string of other sex charges.

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