Accused Kenosha killer Kyle Rittenhouse told pal he expected to spend life in prison

Teen killer Kyle Rittenhouse was convinced he would spend the rest of his life in prison for the deadly shootings at riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin, according to the close friend charged with supplying his AR-15-style rifle.

Dominick Black, now 19, told investigators that he met the 17-year-old in the backroom of a Kenosha business soon after he had killed two men and badly injured another Aug. 25 during the fiery protests, according to footage of his police interview obtained by the Chicago Tribune.

“The dude’s sweating like a pig. He’s just freaking out. His face is white,” Black told the officer. “He’s like, ‘I’m going to jail for the rest of my life. I’m done’ … just scared,” he said.

Black, however, remained convinced the teen would be OK because he said he “heard more shots than I think [Rittenhouse] shot.”

“From what you’re telling me, you were defending yourself,” he reassured Rittenhouse, according to his interview.

“We’re going to go home, you’re going to go turn yourself, it will be all fine, just calm down,” he recalled telling him, according to the Tribune’s footage that was obtained by a Freedom of Information request.

Black even said he feared he would face the harshest punishment of the pair for helping the underage teen from Illinois to buy the Smith & Wesson M&P rifle in Wisconsin.

“Dude, I think I’m gonna be in more trouble than you because you defended yourself,” Black said he told Rittenhouse.

“In all reality, you are not supposed to have that gun. That gun was in my name,” he recalled telling him, according to the Tribune.

“He got it with his money, but I got it for him,” Black told the officer, the video shows.

“I don’t know why … the whole time I’m thinking, ‘he’s not 18,’” Black admitted. “In my head, like, I could have stopped it. But I know if I would have told him ‘no,’ he would have threw a fit,” he said.

Black has been charged with two felony counts of intentionally giving a dangerous weapon to a minor resulting in death.

Rittenhouse is being held on $2 million bail on a slew of charges, including homicides of Anthony Huber, 26, and Joseph Rosenbaum, 36.

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