A quarter of women say they'd have sex with a man they did not fancy – as long as he was funny

A QUARTER of women say they would bed a man they did not fancy – as long as he was funny, a new survey reveals.

Funny men can laugh a woman into bed and they do not need to be intelligent or rich to do it either, the research shows.

Twenty-six per cent of women served said they would go home with a man they did not fancy – as long as he was funny.

And 84 per cent said a man’s sense of humour – found with comics such as Peter Kay or Harry Hill – could be instrumental in securing a romp. The quality of having a sense of humour came above intelligence.

The findings, by IllicitEncounters.com, show the same is not said for men when looking for women. Male respondents said they were not bothered about women making jokes – with less than half (48 per cent) expecting a lover to make them laugh.

However, 70 per cent of the men surveyed admitted they found a woman more attractive if she laughed at their gags – suggesting men prefer to have an audience rather than being on the receiving end of a joke.

Jessica Leoni, sex and relationship expert at Illicit Encounters said: “All jokes aside, laughter naturally creates chemistry with the opposite sex.

“Think of Peter Kay or Harry Hill. There’s nothing like a rush of endorphins and oxytocin, rewarding the brain and making you feel more connected to somebody.

“After all, isn’t it a connection that we crave? Making us feel more bonded to someone, and thus more attracted to them.

“It’s no surprise that men prefer to take on the role of a jester, rather than an audience.

“Good news for women though – just act like a giggling cackle of hyenas and you’re bound to snatch your man-prey!”

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