Zero Chill: Netflix star Jade Ma opens up about MCU debut in Black Widow

Zero Chill: Netflix release trailer for teen drama

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Some of Netflix’s best original shows in recent years have certainly been its teen dramas. The most recent addition to the roster is Zero Chill, which follows ice-hockey prodigy Mac (played by Dakota Taylor) and his twin sister Kayla (Grace Beedie) as they move from Canada to England in order for Mac to attend a prestigious hockey academy. 

As Kayla is trying to reconnect with her love for figure skating after having to leave her best friend and skating partner behind, she meets Sky (Jade Ma). 

While she is being an excellent friend to Kayla, Sky is hiding a secret from her. 

She also used to be a skating champion but had to leave the sport behind after a major health scare. 

So even though Jade didn’t get to show off her skating talents nearly as much as other cast members, her talent as an actress definitely caught some people’s eye. 

The Netflix star recently landed a role in Marvel’s latest blockbuster hit Black Widow alongside Scarlet Johansson. 

While it hasn’t yet been revealed what role she will be playing in the upcoming film, Jade opened up about her experience in an exclusive interview with “It was a really surreal experience honestly.” 

“I’ve never really expected to be able to be a part of something so big. And like the MCU is a huge, huge thing,” she said. 

Jade admitted: “It’s always been a bit of a thing of mine, I’d love to be in some sort of superhero film.”

“I love action stuff, which is why this job is so great as well,” she said in relation to the physical demands of her role in Zero Chill. 

She continued: “I love films and TV shows that incorporate a lot of physical stuff. So that was a really surreal but incredible experience.”

“The people I worked with were so great. The whole cast super, super lovely and I got to train with some really incredible humans,” she added. 

“So I had a lovely and amazing time. Absolutely amazing.”

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Speaking about her character in the Netflix show, the actress revealed how impersonating Sky was both easy and challenging.  

“With Sky, I can relate to her quite easily because she’s very determined and tenacious and she cares so much about the people around her. 

“And she really loves the challenge. I love when things are both physically and mentally challenging. That’s what drives me a lot of the time,” she said. 

Jade also admitted that despite having had a career as a figure skater, she found it to be a fun challenge to pick it up again for the show. 

“This role was so great because I got the mental challenge with the acting and learning lines and all that and I also got the physical challenge of figure skating,” said the actress.

The biggest challenge Jade faced when playing Sky was actually trying to make her character funny. 

“I almost found the humorous bits a little harder because her brand of humour is so far from my own.”

She added: “Obviously the audience of the show is a little on the younger side. I’ve kind of had to switch my brain a little bit back into a younger place and find that kind of like truthful humour style.”

Zero Chill is available to stream on Netflix now.

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