Yellowstone star addresses Abbys future on show following exit

Lainey Wilson: Star addresses 'the end of' her Yellowstone character

Yellowstone fans are eagerly awaiting the return of season five with John Dutton (played by Kevin Costner) having made a tough decision about the ranch’s future.

He decided to move the cattle to another area, taking some of his ranch hands with him, including Ryan (Ian Bohen).

Ryan and country singer Abby (Lainey Wilson) had just started to form a relationship when he had to leave and the actress addressed her future.

Fans of the Western melodrama were thrilled to see country star Lainey in her acting debut as performer Abby.

The character had stopped off in Montana as she had been touring the country to showcase her new music.

She and Ryan started to fall for one another and shared some passionate moments before Ryan was asked to leave the Montana ranch.

Abby was upset that Ryan did not tell her about the move at the earliest opportunity and she left him.

On whether she would return in the future, she told “I will say I have found out the movie world is just as crazy as the music world.

“We have no clue what is happening but I will say they haven’t taken me to the train station just yet.

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“So we will see, that’s where I’m going with it. I do not know what happens.

“The weird thing is even with the first half of season five I didn’t know what was happening.

“I only had the episodes I was in, people were like ‘Tell us what happens’ and I was like ‘To tell you the truth I haven’t got a clue’. It’s crazy.”

The country star had her own music featured in the show and she said it has boosted her career drastically.

She added: “Just having music in the show in general has been a huge stepping stone in my career.

“It has introduced me to a lot of people, the soundtrack to that show is huge.”

On whether acting has helped her in other aspects of her life, including her music tours, she agreed it had changed her life.

“I do think acting has benefitted every part of the other side of my job,” she added.

“Even when it comes to stage presence, I try to make sure not all my moves are by the book or anything.

“It’s about being in your body and just feeling it for everything that it is when delivering a line.

“Whether it’s a song or a script, it’s the same kind of thing, you don’t want to make it seem like it’s memorised.”

Yellowstone season 5 will return to The Paramount Network and Paramount Plus with part 2 later this year.

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