Why Kody Brown Had So Many Different Jobs

Sister Wives star Kody Brown keeps plenty busy these days with his multiple wives and numerous children. However, reality television fans tend to be curious about what Kody’s job actually is. It seems he has done a number of things over the years, and sometimes, the job descriptions he’s provided seemed rather vague.

By the sounds of things, Brown bounced around trying out a few different types of jobs prior to landing his long-term reality television gig. Apparently, before his family grew too large, Kody worked as a lumberjack. It’s not clear how long that lasted, but he seemingly moved on from being a lumberjack to later embrace a traveling salesman job.

Sales may have been a good fit for Brown, at least for a while. The Sister Wives star ended up with what seemed to be steady employment that brought in a decent income. According to Radar Online, a bankruptcy filing made by Kody and his then legal wife Meri Brown in 2005 detailed that he was earning $4,000 per month as a salesman at a sign shop in Billings, Montana.

Back in those early days, Kody Brown was also the president of a company named Das Hundhaus Firearms and Accessories (via E!). It’s not clear what that business was all about, but his entrepreneurial spirit seemed to drive him to try to create something of his own even back then.

Kody Brown settled down once reality TV came calling

Distractify reported that Kody Brown shifted his focus primarily to the family’s Sister Wives brand once it was developed. In addition to the series that became a solid TLC staple, Kody wrote a book that became a bestseller titled The Story of an Unconventional Marriage.

During the early days of the series, Brown briefly hyped a detox program called LIV International. Not only that, but he also worked on building a gym while the Sister Wives family was based in Las Vegas. Apparently, however, that gym plan never fell into place. Kody may have had a tough time settling into any one type of job for many years, but it seems that managing the family brand finally gave him what he couldn’t find elsewhere.

These days, Kody Brown seemingly embraces the idea that the show and its associated projects are his full-time job. The show debuted in 2010 and has made well over 150 episodes, so Brown and his family have likely received a pretty nice salary for their Sister Wives television work.

Based on Kody’s history, it appears that he needed to bounce around and try out quite a few different types of jobs before he found a good fit. Now, heading up the Sister Wives brand seems to suit him well and likely keeps him plenty busy.

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