Who won The Circle USA season 2?

The Circle US: A look inside apartment complex

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The Circle USA finished its second season today, May 5, on Netflix. The show once again finished with just one contestant beating the other 11 and walking away with the $100,000 cash prize with the likes of Deleesa Carrasquillo and Chloe Veitch among the finalists. Who won The Circle USA season two?

Who won The Circle USA season 2?

The show challenges contestants to go head-to-head, forcing players to choose whether to be themselves or other people for the ultimate cash prize.

After three weeks of intense competition, one contestant beat the rest.

Deleesa Carrasquillo was announced to be this season’s winner, following three weeks of drama and laughs.

The announcement was made by the show’s host, Michelle Buteau, saying that Carrasquillo, who took on the persona of Trevor, was voted the most popular contestant on the show by the other contestants.

Upon receiving her news of the win, Carrasquillo said: “It’s life-changing for us! It’s still surreal to me.” 

She continued: “We were never able to save money. We want to have a house for our daughter to grow up in and call ours!”

The final episode saw just five contestants remain, making it the hardest vote of the season.

The final five included Trevor, Chloe Veitch, River (Lee), Courtney, and John (Lisa and Jack).

All the contestants had to vote for who they wanted to win the show.

The finale revealed the truth about all the contestants, with Chloe coming face-to-face with the real Trevor.

Finally, all the contestants were taken to a penthouse to join the previous contestants, bringing the show to a close.

Chloe and Trevor had the final battle, with the pair coming second and first respectively.

Courtney came in third, with River in fourth and John in fifth.

The final brought the 13-episode long season to an end, with the contestants leaving the apartment for good.

The show shares the same apartment that is used for The Circle UK.

The season started with 11 contestants; each being voted out of the show one by one.

The finale ended this year’s competition for The Circle, with both the UK and USA shows set to return in 2022.

The Circle USA will be back for its third season and the UK version of the show will return for its fourth.

The Circle USA is available to watch on Netflix.

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