Who will be the next Bachelorette?

AFTER Clare Crawley and Tayshia Adam's dramatic Bachelorette season, Bachelor Nation is speculating who will take the next leading role.

There are several contestants from Matt's season that stand out as the next potential leading lady.

Who will be the next Bachelorette?

Bri Springs

Bri Springs, 25, is a communications manager from San Francisco. 

The contestant works for a high-profile social media company, but it hasn't been revealed to fans what organization it is.

Although it is unknown where exactly Bri works, it has been mentioned that she is doing well career-wise.

According to her Bachelor bio, she was raised by her mother and grandma who worked hard for her to thrive and be successful.

"I do not know who the 4th girl is [in Matt James' top four], although I was told it was Bri Springs, I haven’t gotten the confirmation I needed," Reality Steve wrote of her place on the reality show.

“But since I’m just laying out everything for you that I was told pre-season, there you go.

"If/When I get solid confirmation, I’ll let you know if Bri is in fact the 4th girl. That doesn’t mean she finished in 4th place."

There is evidence to strongly suggest that Bri will make it far, however.

Historically, Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants who nab the first solo dates at least make it into the top five.

Because Bri hasn't gotten a lot of screen time, her likelihood of becoming the next Bachelorette seems slim.

Abigail Heringer

Abigail Heringer, 25, was born on March 3, 1995, hailing from Beaverton, Oregon.

Reality Steve reports that Heringer was born deaf and is a financial manager at the Opus Agency, and graduated from Linfield College in 2017 with a BS in finance.

She underwent cochlear implantation surgery at Oregon Health & Science University when she was just two.

ABC has come under heavy criticism over the years for their lack of diversity in their Bachelor and Bachelorette cast lists.

Fans and Bachelor alumni alike signed a petition to put pressure on ABC about inclusivity in the franchise before selecting Matt, the first black Bachelor, as their season lead.

As the first deaf contestant, the network could be taking leaps and bounds in diversity progression should they select Abigail as the next Bachelorette.

Katie Thurston

Katie caused quite a buzz (literally!) among fans wen she showed up to meet Matt on episode one, greeting him with a vibrator.

Bachelor Nation has praised her for her frankness, openness and self-awareness on the program.

Her connection with Matt seems likely to wane, however, which could jeopardize her chances of reappearing as The Bachelorette.

She may be more suited as a Bachelor in Paradise contestant, adding her signature colorful commentary while finding her potential love match.

Michelle Young

Michelle Young hails from Woodbury, Minnesota.

One of her pictures on Instagram shows Michelle in sports gear, declaring that she "misses the game." This could infer that she may have been a professional or casual athlete.

The 27-year-old is now a teacher, which Matt admires, as he revealed on their one-on-one date.

Spoiler alert: she is one of Matt's final four according to the king of Bachelor Nation rumors Reality Steve.

Michelle and Matt are seen kissing in a season 25 promo trailer, with Michelle declaring that: "I’ve potentially found someone who is going to change the world with me."

Unless she is Matt's final selection, Michelle is a likely Bachelorette front runner.

Kelley Flanagan

28-year-old Kelley Flanagan first appeared on screens as a contestant on Peter Weber's season of The Bachelor.

Despite ending up together, the two split in early 2021. The former contestant took to Instagram to reflect on the break up.

"2021 has been a rough start but if I've learned anything the last couple of days, it's to keep pushing through no matter what life throws at you," she wrote.

"You can't help what happens but you can choose how you react. It's OK to not feel the best at times and honestly, it makes you appreciate the good things in life. The saying 'when it rains it's [sic] pours' has definitely hit me with adjustments but this is just a chapter of my life!"

She has hinted at her openness on becoming the next Bachelorette should the opportunity present itself to her.

In a game of true or false on her Instagram stories, a fan probed:

"True or False? You would [be] the bachelorette if you were asked…"

She replied on her Instagram Story, "I would definitely consider it!"

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