Vinnie Jones says he's treated like an axe murderer due to his mental health problems

EX-FOOTBALL hardman Vinnie Jones says people treat him like an axe murderer when he tells them he has had mental health problems.

And it’s not until he explains his problem is down to grief that they say: “That’s all right then.”

Vinnie, 55, admitted he has struggled since his wife Tanya, 53, died last year from cancer.

He told the BBC Headliners podcast: “I hate this word mental health because I think it scares blokes — especially around my age because you’re a bit old school.

“I just don’t like, ‘Oh I’ve got mental health problems’.

"People stand back even now — ‘Oh really, what kind?’, ‘Well mine’s grief’, ‘That’s all right then, you’re not an axe murderer’.

"So I think that's quite a hard thing for blokes especially to say, 'I've got mental health problems, I'm seeing a psychologist'."

Vinnie also confessed that he turned to the internet for clarity on how he was feeling after Tanya died.

He said: "What I want to bring to light now is, we need to talk to professionals when you've got tragedy and grief, and even divorces and things like that.

"So what I did, I started reading up on it. I went on Google and I started looking up grief and tragedies and stuff like that and it's quite interesting reading and I think that will help people to submit to getting some help."

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