Up-and-Coming Designers Are Put to the Ultimate Test on 'Making the Cut' Episode 4

Wow, guys: This week’s ep was *intense.* When we left Making the Cut last week, the judges were debating whether or not to eliminate designer Troy Arnold. And thankfully for Troy, they decided to give him a second chance. But overall, the judges were underwhelmed by the designers’ performance—Heidi even called them “snoozy,” which isn’t exactly the feedback you want to get when you’re in a competition with a $1 million prize!

So, Tim devises a plan to give the designers a kick in the butt and challenges them to design an accessible look in—wait for it—seven hours. Seven hours! The designers also don’t get a seamstress to work with (so they have to sew the whole thing together themselves) and can only use fabric leftover from the other three challenges. It’s definitely a huge task—especially considering that not all of the designers can sew!

And if you thought that the last collab challenge was drama, this challenge was drama with a capital “D.” Under the pressure of the new assignment, the designers start taking shots at each other right away.

When they all head home for the night, some contestants like Megan Smith go straight to sketching in their hotel rooms while some of the other designers—like Jonny Cota, Sabato Russo, Rinat Brodach, Ji Won Choi, and Sander Bos—opt to hang out and drink wine instead of working. Megan shades them to the camera, saying, “The judges want to see some fight in us, so it’d be counterproductive if I was in the courtyard right now having a glass of wine. I’m going to do the responsible thing.”

Oh, and while the designers are stressing out about their challenge, Tim and Heidi are doing this:

When the competitors finally get to the studio to work the next day, they all seem to approach the task differently: Will Riddle is determined for the judges to get a better sense of his brand, so he decides to bravely go where he’s never gone before and make pants. Sabato goes a completely different direction—he makes a dress that he’s shown in multiple collections. Sander wants to paint on a dress, and Troy—now in the hot seat—is eager to prove himself with a tailored jacket dress.

But as the designers get to work, the pressure of the super-tight deadline *definitely* starts to take a toll, and it seems like Sabato takes it the hardest: He starts running (literally running) around the studio and gets into a fight with Troy over a sewing machine. Basically, Troy takes the machine that Sabato was using, and Sabato calls it “B.S.,” saying, “he’s going to get what he deserves.”

Yikes! Somehow though, everyone finishes their look on time and no one has to pin anything together (looking @ you, Martha!). And because it’s a bit of a last-minute challenge, the fashion show is right in the studio.

The judges’ favorite looks from the show end up being Megan’s take on a “classy Fly Girl” and Jonny’s version of “the daughter of Beetlejuice,” and the judges ended up naming Jonny the winner.

Sadly, our guy Troy isn’t able to rise to the challenge and is sent home, along with Will, who the judges say has a “taste level problem”—ouch! And as bummed as the designers are to see their two friends go home, the mood quickly changes when Heidi and Tim announce that they should all pack their bags, because the next stop in the competition is Tokyo—see y’all when they get there!

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