‘Ultimate Tag’: Fox Sets Premiere Date & Unveils First Teaser Trailer

Fox has dropped its first teaser trailer for physical competition format Ultimate Tag and has set its premiere launch for May 20.

The show, which launches at 9pm, was also designed for a summer run, and with all episodes in the can, it is one of the few non-scripted shows that hasn’t been interrupted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Ultimate Tag is hosted by NFL players J.J., T.J. and Derek Watt and is based on a classic playground game.

The high-octane series follows competitors who must vault, dodge, tumble and dive their way through several different three-dimensional courses. All the while, the contestants will be chased by resident Taggers.

It is the latest on-screen portrayal of the game following the theatrical success of New Line Cinema’s Tag, which starred Ed Helms, John Hamm and Jeremy Renner and was based on a Wall Street Journal article about a group of guys that have played a game of tag since they were young.

Produced by Znak & Co, the production company run by Masterchef exec producer Natalka Znak, it is hosted by the Watt brothers; J.J. plays for the Houston Texans and has been AP NFL Defensive Player of the Year a number of times in his first five seasons, Derek plays for the Los Angeles Chargers and T.J. plays for the Pittsburgh Steelers

Fox Alternative Entertainment co-produces, continuing its plan to co-produce series through its own production unit. Znak will exec produce with Conrad Green, who used to showrun Dancing with the Stars and exec produced Fox’s My Kitchen Rules, Dancing On Ice exec producer Glenn Coomber and J.J. Watt.

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