Tipping Point viewers gobsmacked as Ben Shephard blows kiss to contestant – and gets totally blanked

TIPPING Point viewers were gobsmacked as Ben Shephard blew a kiss to a contestant – only to get totally blanked.

Ben, 46, made the unexpected gesture as he presented the afternoon quiz show.

The kiss was directed at contestant Christine, who was attempting to answer a round of questions correctly to win tokens for the arcade-style coin machine.

It came as Ben attempted to help Christine answer a question which asked what was the name of the 2018 song by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa.

The presenter seemed to hope that by puckering up his lips, Christine would realise the answer was 'One Kiss'.

Christine looked on obliviously until Ben gave up and explained: "I was blowing you a kiss cos that was the answer. One Kiss."

She admitted: "Oh sorry, I wasn’t even listening to the question by then."

Before she added: "Oh bless you! That’s so nice of you."

And the antics didn't go unnoticed by viewers and one wrote on Twitter: "Ben already trying to charm Christine #tippingpoint".

Another added: "I feel bad for Christine having to go through this charade #tippingpoint".

"Bens not hiding it today blowing kisses at Christine #tippingpoint," joked one.

Despite Ben's attempts to help her out, Christine was he second contestant to leave the ITV show.

The episode was eventually won by Michael, who went home with £3,400.

Tipping Point airs weekdays on ITV at 4pm.

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