Tipping Point fans baffled over format change Whats going on?

Tipping Point plays re-run of old episode with four contestants

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Tipping Point went through a big shake-up to the way in which the ITV show ran earlier this year. The new version swapped from the usual four-person line-up to only three people and changed the second round, where contestants received 45 seconds instead of 30 seconds to answer questions. However, the most recent episode whipped spectators into an online frenzy as Mandi, Nick, Rachel, and Andy made up the contestants waiting to take on the machine.

ITV presenter Ben Shephard made no reference to the additional person on the panel when the show started.

Moving swiftly on, the four hopefuls introduced themselves, with Mandi being the first to get a question right and putting Rachel into the firing line she passed.

Within minutes fans were asking if this was a “repeat” or a “new” season, and perhaps the three-person line-up was due to COVID-19 filming protocols.

Stumped, @mrscarter22 tweeted: “I’ve just checked our TV magazines, there’s no (repeat) next to the programme, and the on-screen synopsis says new. What’s going on @TippingPointITV?”

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@Ophelia_ButtsUK liked that the panel looked fuller and added: “Four contestants is so much better than three in my opinion #TippingPoint.”

Steve Lowe asked: “Four contestants again? I must either be a time traveller, or this is a god-damn repeat! #TippingPoint.”

Eagle-eyed Bill Doyle managed to connect the dots and located where the episode was from.

He said: “Previous series 11 Episode 161 don’t remember seeing it though! #tippingpoint.”

@SenorApple2014 also thought the same and replying to someone’s question of if it was a repeat, she stated: “Or maybe not – as apparently, this is one of the three episodes of series 11 they held back! 

“Imagine being a contestant on one of these shows… The wait must have been agonising! #TippingPoint.”

Fans will have to wait and see if Tuesday’s outing of the show will showcase four individuals from an unseen episode or continue on with series 12 with only three guests.

Although, potentially short-lived fans got behind the four contestants, with Mandi storming ahead early on.

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Drop zone three and four were the most popular to start with, but it was Andy who the machine didn’t want to play ball with and with £200, he was the first to leave the show.

Mandi was leading the pack, and it was Nick and Rachel who took it in turns to one-up each other.

The 30-second question round made a big impact.

Front-runner Mandi answered three questions correctly, and her trio of coins bagged her £350 and the double coin, and she seemed uncatchable with an extra £900 to add to her amount.

Nick and Rachel both got two questions right, but Rachel joined Mandi in the final round.

Despite getting her jackpot up to £1,000, Mandi progressed to the final on £2,450.

With her eldest son in Boston, with her winnings, Mandi wanted to spend some time in the US visiting him.

Placing the jackpot coin in drop zone four, slowly she collected additional coins leaving her with £3,200 in the bank and both the jackpot and a double-up coin on the edge of the lower shelf.

With the ultimatum of taking the trade or not, she said: “I would be screaming at the TV to take the trade, however that amount would take us to America, so I will take the money.”

Making the “right decision” the jackpot coin did not budge, and Mandi left the show with £3,200.

Tipping Point airs weekdays at 4pm on ITV.

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