Thong-clad women fight, pull hair and wrestle to the ground as rapper Blueface gets it on video and laughs at them – The Sun

THE RAPPER, Blueface, caught a violent fistfight between three thong-clad dancers as he attempted to film a music video – or throw a little quarantine party.

The 23-year-old rapper caught it all on camera and even laughed it up as the women insulted and pulled each other's hair.

Despite mandatory social distancing happening all throughout the nation, Blueface decided to throw a small gathering in his Los Angeles home – complete with thong-clad dancers.

However, things quickly turned sour when two of the dancers ganged up on another one and they assaulted each other.

Instead of trying to break it up, Blueface pulled out his camera and started recording the violent fight.

Despite some producers trying to separate the women, they were relentless as they found ways to escape the men's grasps and attack each other.

At one point, one of the women was pinned against a wall and being beaten by two others and in another, one of them was being dragged out by security while another one latched unto her hair.

The women even wrestled each other to the ground and because they were wearing such small articles of clothing, their bodies were exposed to those around them.

The rapper later took to Instagram to clear up the situation.

In an Instagram story, he wrote: "They were not fight over me it was a lot of Henny mixed wit all attitude I have not had relations with any of these women no one was being racist more then half the people was black so if you believe that your to invested in the internet all to much."

However, the rapper didn't reveal if any of the women had pressed charges against the other and how they were able to mitigate the situation.

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