This Morning slammed as 'out of touch' after telling viewers to spend £90 to rent a coat for DAY

THIS Morning was slammed for being "out of touch" today after telling viewers to spend £90 to rent a coat for a day.

During the show's fashion segment, Lisa Snowdon reasoned that although we're going out less at the moment that when we do we "want to dress up more and make more of an effort".

"So borrowing is the new buying," she declared.

Lisa explained that My Wardrobe HQ which allows customers to rent clothes from premium designer brands.

"If your heart cries out for Prada but you can only afford Primark then this is the place for you," she said.

Lisa showed viewers a green leather trench coat from Bottega Veneta that costs £6,535 to buy but you can rent for £97 a day.

She reasoned that it's a great value way to get a designer look but viewers slammed Lisa for being "out of touch" with the show's viewers.

On furious viewer tweeted: "This program gets worse. They’re so out of touch with their viewers.

"People have been furloughed for months, they’re losing jobs, don’t know how to feed their kids and don’t have £97 to borrow a coat for a f***ing day."

Another added: "I could buy 3/4 to keep for that money."

A third wrote: "Really good idea in a pandemic where people are losing their jobs / have no money, to recommend renting a coat for over £90 a day.

"Out of touch."

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