This Is Going To Hurt star on emotional motive for series A love letter to the NHS

This Is Going To Hurt: Ben Whishaw stars in BBC trailer

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This Is Going To Hurt is making its BBC One debut tonight (February 8) and it stars Ben Whishaw as Adam. The comedy-drama documents the junior doctor’s turbulent life working in obstetrics and gynaecology. Adam Kay spoke exclusively to and other press about the purpose of the series.

The seven-episode drama starts off with Adam taking care of a “racist pregnant woman”.

However, head midwife Tracy (Michele Austin) is not impressed by his management of the situation.

After his shift, he attends a party but it called straight back to work due to staff shortages.

The series highlights some of the stark realities and pressures faced by the NHS.

Kay said he was keen for the show to be an act of appreciation for all health workers.

Adam actor Whishaw recalled the moment he met with Kay to discuss the series.

He said: “I remember Adam saying he wanted it to be a love letter to the NHS.

“And I thought that sounds like a good thing for us to do, it was pretty simple.”

Jane Featherstone is an executive producer on the series and she said it was “extraordinary” to achieve such authenticity and truth.

She said: “Anyone who has had experience with the NHS, which is pretty much everyone in our country, knows the chaos that it is.

“The wonderful, glorious chaos that we all love and that was what was exciting for us.”

Director Lucy Forbes said the most important thing about making the series was highlighting real experiences.

She said: “Everyone really knows what the inside of the NHS looks like, everyone has experienced a hospital.

“So for me, the most important thing was it felt real, it really felt authentic and you just wanted to… I wanted to make sure we were strapped in next to the characters.

“At the same time, we wanted it to feel cinematic and find beauty in the mundane.”

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Speaking about how he adapted his memoir for the TV screen, Kay said it was the first time he had written a drama.

The former doctor added: “I’m glad you talked about who is caring for these people because for me that’s something I know we all were trying to achieve from the show.

“For me, success for the show isn’t in terms of how many people watch it, but success for the show is in terms of if people can start to think more about the humans underneath the scrubs and the stethoscopes and the white coats.

“Because that’s something I don’t think we think enough about and that’s what I really wanted to dig into.”

Something in the back of Adam’s head was he wanted NHS staff to see he had achieved a fair representation.

He said: “I wanted other people to slightly rethink their relationship with their healthcare professionals.

“I always remember being in an antenatal clinic and it would always overrun by two or three hours.

“Every week without fail people would shout at me… not once did a patient ever wonder if I wanted to be there.

“I think it’s easy to forget the people looking after you are also humans.”

This Is Going To Hurt will air weekly on BBC One from February 8 at 9pm.

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