The Undateables viewers in tears as Charlotte gushes ‘my arteries are full of glitter’ after adorable first date – The Sun

FANS of The Undateables have been moved to tears after Charlotte sweetly declared her "arteries are full of glitter".

The star of the dating documentary made the announcement after an adorable first date with Alex.

Charlotte, 23, has had a bit of a rough dating history on The Undateables.

Her eagerness and love for hugs means she has come on a bit too strong on past dates.

But for Alex, 24, who has played national cricket for England, that doesn't matter at all because he liked hugs too.

The pair's date got off to an awkward start but then the conversation flowed easily as they did a pizza cooking class together.

After the date, Charlotte could not contain her emotions.

She said: "It's like my arteries are full of glitter."

"Maybe there was someone out there for me after all."

Alex felt the same, saying: "She's 100 per cent my type."

The Undateables fans could barely contain their excitement over her turn of phrase, with one Twitter user writing that Charlotte had said "the sweetest thing I have ever heard when she lets her date know how she feels… isn't that beautiful."

Another user wrote: "Oh Charlotte.. when feeling low, you’ve managed to brighten my evening."

A third said: "Charlotte from the #Undateables is my new favourite person."

While a fourth commented: "Charlotte 'I feel like my arteries are full of glitter' [is] my quote of the series."

Charlotte who has autism has gained more independence since the last series.

She has moved out to her own place and is working as a cleaner at Tesco.

The lover-of-hugs is keen to find a boyfriend who loves her because she's watching others around her start to get engaged.

"I want to be in love," she said.

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