The Singapore Grip: Walter Blackett’s downfall ‘sealed’ as family feuds ignite

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Walter Blackett (played by David Morrissey) was introduced tonight as one half of the firm Blackett and Webb. When his business partner Mr Webb died after his heart failed, it came down to his son Matthew Webb (Luke Treadaway) to attempt to fill his father’s shoes. Actor David has now revealed there is a lot more to Walter Blackett than meets the eye which is likely to become his downfall. 

It quickly became clear tonight in The Singapore Grip, Blackett and Webb had different ideas when it came to business. 

Walter is a ruthless rubber merchant but tonight he was warned off from taking any from the Americans, being in the grip of World War II. 

However, the moment Webb fell sick, Blackett showed just how ruthless he can be, going behind his business partner’s back. 

But, Webb’s son could be about to put a spoke in Blackett’s future plans. 

“Walter’s family dynamic is really interesting and his entitlement,” David told press including

“I found his entitlement was so fascinating. 

“His racism and surety of himself and what he was doing. I really found him a character I wanted to explore.

“He is a man who believed in the importance of himself, his business and his country’s interest.

“I think he is a very combative person. That’s how he got his fortune and he sees everyone else as someone to get power over.

“Walter has self-confidence about what he is bringing, but is also a victim of his own greed.”

This is also apparent in the way he parents. 

Sylvia Blackett (Jane Horrocks) is desperate for her daughter Joan (Georgia Blizzard) to find a respectable man. 

But, when she is found hiding notes from the many men she is talking to, her father steps in. 

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Not wanting an argument, he tries to convince her towards certain highly thought of young men. 

But it seems Joan has other ideas and will no doubt cause some mischief herself throughout the series. 

“I mean the whole thing about that family is that they’re this colonial family,” Jane who plays Walter’s wife Sylvia, explained.

“We’re in this sort of bubble and just enjoying their style and hosting amazing events and that’s what I liked about them actually.

“But, we’re completely oblivious until it really hit them that there was actually a war going on.”

With so much going on, to then add Matthew into the mix could be one step too far for Walter. 

New, fresh eyes on a business that has been around for years, is exactly what Walter doesn’t want. 

Walter is likely to hone in on the young man, and in an attempt to get rid of him, force him out of the business for good. 

It’s currently unknown whether or not Blackett has any allies. 

But, if Matthew can get the upper hand over Walter, this is likely to send the man spiralling out of control. 

It will all come down to whether or not Walter really is as ruthless and he has been made out to be. 

The Singapore Grip continues on ITV next Sunday at 9pm. 

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