The most controversial moments of Black Ink Crew ever

Where do you even start with Black Ink Crew? The reality TV show, filmed at the Harlem-based location, Black Ink Tattoo Studio, features David “Ceaser” Emanuel, the boss who runs the shop and manages all of the day-to-day drama and practicalities of running a full staff of tattoo artists. The series premiered in January 2013 and was such a hit that it renewed for an eighth season which premiered in August 2019, according to VH1. The series has since spread out over the country, with a Black Ink Crew: Chicago premiering in 2015 and Black Ink Crew: Compton premiering August 2019.

What’s made Black Ink Crew so remarkable is the deep connection and history that the cast has with each other. As executive producer Dan Cesario said when they first visited the shop to see if they could produce a reality show: “We went to check it out, and after sitting on the couch for 10 minutes listening to them crack jokes about each other and the world around them I knew we had something great.”

With that spirit in mind, we wanted to share what we’ve figured are some of the most controversial moments from the epic series. Enjoy.

Dutchess Lattimore got death threats after she left Black Ink Crew

Was anyone else’s heart totally broken when Dutchess Lattimore and Ceaser Emanuel broke up? Dutchess Lattimore, a tattoo artist who comes from North Carolina, was a key character in the shop but also as Ceaser’s romantic partner, so fans were shook when she up and left in 2017. Later, in 2018, she spoke on Sister Circle Live and said she wanted to kill herself after leaving Black Ink Crew. She said: “I went through a serious depression. I went through getting harassment from cast members, death threats. They would call my shop and tell my mother the most heinous things that they were going to do to me if I came back to New York.”

But things have since turned around for Dutchess Lattimore. She lives in North Carolina and runs her own shop, Pretty-N-Ink, with her mother, Crystal Lattimore, according to VH1. Not only that, but the Charlotte, North Carolina radio station 92.7 FM announced that they were adding a new show, Dutchology, featuring Dutchess herself. So while it was a shock to see her leave Black Ink Crew, Dutchess is onto bigger and better things.

Who took Ceaser Emanuel's painting?

On season 8 of Black Ink Crew, things got serious after Ceaser Emanuel’s beloved portrait went missing right from the shop and the thief left a ransom note. Ceaser took this as a bad sign that his flagship shop was slipping into a decline and he took matters into his own hands… by firing several people. What?!

In the anxiety-inducing episode, Ceaser sat at his desk in front of his entire staff and either gave people promotions or fired them, according to VH1. It’s like something out of The Bachelor but without roses or the prospect of a marriage proposal. Everyone had to put their phones in a basket. Ceaser said, “Now’s the moment of truth. Today is the day I finally break the circle and bring some order and discipline back to 113.”

Young Bae got the promotion of lead artist and Walter became the new manager, according to VH1. Meanwhile, London and Mike got fired while other people got demoted, like Tatiana. Seriously, heads were rolling!

Alex Robinson and Ceaser Emanuel's fight

Ceaser Emanuel isn’t scared of a little altercation. But has it ever gone too far? Alex Robinson might think so.

Back in 2018, VH1 cameras caught Alex and Ceaser in a physical fight after tension built up for way too long between the two men. According to TMZ, things finally came to a head at pre-wedding party and Alex claimed that Ceaser attacked him and then Ceaser’s cousin, Teddy Ruks, joined in on the fight. Alex had a big bump on his head and, according to TMZ, he also had long-term damage done, claiming that “the beatdown left him with permanent pain and disability.”

But that wasn’t even the end of it. Days later, cameras caught Alex rushing to the hospital where doctors informed him that he had “significant tendon and ligament damage to his back.”

Alex wasn’t backing down though and hit back at Ceaser and Teddy with a $1 million lawsuit, citing the facts he couldn’t sit and tattoo anymore and couldn’t even pick up his little boy. Yikes!

Ceaser Emanuel is told to get out of his feelings

Season 8 of Black Ink Crew was pretty loaded up with drama. One of the most notable conflicts was between Ceaser Emanuel and Ryan Henry of Black Ink Crew: Chicago. According to Atlanta Black Star, conflict started to escalate when Ceaser heard rumors that his ex-girlfriend and former brand ambassador, Miss Kitty, was sleeping with Ryan.

According to the news outlet, Ceaser even fired Miss Kitty “for her alleged involvement with Henry.” On the April 2 episode, Ceaser and Henry came head to head at a party, according to Atlanta Black Star, where Henry said of Ceaser: “Cesar in his feelings over a women that don’t want him… Get out ya feelings man”

Things fizzled down without extra drama, but it looked worrisome for a second and it appeared things between Henry and Ceaser ended up being okay. But man, for a show that’s jam-packed with drama, nobody brings it quite as much as Ceaser himself!

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