'The Last Kingdom': Why Uhtred and Finan's Friendship Is so Important

The Last Kingdom season 4 is finally here and fans couldn’t be more excited. This season has already shown a more intriguing side to Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and his friendship with Finan (Mark Rowley). Read on to learn why their relationship is so important. There are spoilers ahead for season 4 of The Last Kingdom.

When a main character dies, Finan steps up to keep Uhtred focused

In Uhtred’s attempt to take back Bebbanburg, Father Beocca (Ian Hart) dies and it’s truly a shocking moment for everyone. Uhtred is more than devastated and intent on returning to Bebbanburg to retrieve Beocca’s body, but Finan gets Uhtred to see reason. Beocca is dead and there’s no taking it back now. They can’t return or they’ll be killed.

Finan is there for Uhtred when he’s grieving and needs ashoulder to cry on. Their friendship helps keep Uhtred focused on the next taskat hand. Finan tells Uhtred he didn’t fail Beocca, and they must move on, sincethey can’t stay where they are. Finan gets the men to understand what Uhtred isgoing through and he sticks by his side through the whole ordeal.

Finan makes peace between Uhtred and his son

In season 4, fans get to see Young Uhtred (Finn Elliot), Uhtred’steenaged son. He believeshis father doesn’t want him there, and Finan explains the kind of manUhtred is. He clearly has respect and admiration for his dearest friend and it’sobvious how much they each mean to one another.

“Uhtred is a warrior and a father. It’s his job to save youand he could not, that’s what eats at him,” Finan explains. Young Uhtred saysUhtred has never been a father. “Because of his absence?” Finan inquires. “Do youknow how many battles he’s fought? How many times he’s sworn oaths and riskedhis life for your Christian king at the cost of his own hopes and comfort? Imet your father as a slave and we had nothing. Now you look at what he lacks.Not what he has given to others.”

Finan explains to Uhtred’s son why he should be proud of hisfather and not give up on him just yet. It helps repair their father and sonbond, and that’s because of Finan’s admiration for Uhtred.

Why Uhtred and Finan’s friendship is so important

Uhtred is able to do everything he does because he has Finanby his side. Their friendship is a unique part of the series and one that propelsUhtred to do the right thing in many circumstances. Without one another, whoknows where they’d each be? They bring out the best in each other and seem tobe better together. Over the years, one constant has endured: Uhtred and Finan’sunique and brotherly friendship. It makes the show that much more meaningful towatch.

Where would Uhtred be without Finan or vice versa? It’s apainful thought, but one fans don’t have to think about, at least not yet.Check back for all the latest information on season 4 of The Last Kingdom.

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