'The Last Kingdom': Why Fans Aren't Satisfied With the Death of a Character That's Close to Uhtred

In the hit series The Last Kingdom, there have been a number of deaths that are hard to handle. Gisela (Peri Baumeister) was the wife of Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) and the mother to three of his children. Her death has a lasting change on Uhtred and everyone else who had the pleasure of knowing her.

How does Gisela die?

Gisela dies giving birth to Uhtred’s child, a son. She isburied in a cemetery and when Uhtred comes home to learn of this, he digs herup to give her the burial he knows she would want. This causes more problemsfor him when it’s brought up in front of Alfred (David Dawson) and the other nobles.Uhtred tries to defend himself, but he’s already in trouble for unburying thedead on consecrated ground.

Uhtred tries to defend his actions, but it doesn’t go well

During a Witan about what’s happened, Brother Godwin (JonFurlong) puts in his two cents, which doesn’t end well for Uhtred. Godwin saysbecause Gisela was a pagan, she should never have been buried in sacred groundto begin with. He even goes so far as to say she poisoned the ground and hecalls Uhtred’s children names.

Uhtred can’t just stand by and watch this man talk downabout his wife who just died. Uhtred hits Godwin in the face, and he falls tothe ground and dies. Uhtred is then an outlaw after this since he also threatensAlfred’s (David Dawson) life while he’s at it. His children are taken away fromhim and raised elsewhere in punishment.

Why fans aren’t satisfied with the death of a character that’s close to Uhtred

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A fan recently posted on Reddit saying they wish Gisela’sdeath had been handled differently in the show. In the books it happens alittle differently and some fans prefer the book scenario to the series in thiscase.

“I wish the show had handled the death of one characterdifferent,” a Redditpost is titled. They go on to explain that they liked how the books handled theaftermath of Gisela’s death much more. “The way Alfred, Beocca, and everyoneelse actually treated Uhtred with respect and were truly sorrowful for thedeath of Gisela. Especially the part with Alfred and Uhtred walking together, Iwish they had done that in the series, that would have been an amazing scene.”

Fans noticed the ‘lack of compassion’

Some fans were surprised by how Uhtred is treated after heloses his wife in childbirth. You’d think everyone would have more sympathy foreverything he’s going through, not to mention everything he’s already done forWessex at this time.

“I haven’t read the books, but I was surprised at the lackof compassion he got after her death,” a Reddit user pointed out. “That wastraumatic for him and he was obviously suffering. Beocca of all should havebeen more there for him.”

One fan wasn’t loving Gisela’s arc in the series. It doesn’tdo their relationship justice and show all their happy times together over theyears. “I was dissatisfied with Gisela’s whole arc TBH. I think the show doesn’treally give a sense of the long time Uhtred is with her, and doesn’t touch anyof their happy times together in London,” a fan wrote.

Everyone knew Gisela, so it’s strange they act so ‘cold-hearted’ toward Uhtred

It is strange to think how little respect Uhtred gets afterhis wife’s untimely death. He receives nothing but malice in return foreverything he’s done for Wessex and Alfred especially. It’s strange consideringAlfred and all the rest have known Gisela for years when she passes away.

“In the show they really were cold-hearted to Uhtred despitehim being out there defending Alfred’s dream when she died. You’d think alittle compassion from them, they’ve known Uhtred at this point for years andGisela by this point,” another Reddit user said.

Some fans of The Last Kingdom aren’t satisfied withthe way things played out after the death of Gisela.

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