The Crown deleted scene: Diana sings ballad to Charles in season 4 unaired moment

Emma Corrin "All I Ask Of You" season 4 exclusive clip

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Netflix streamers are eagerly awaiting the premiere of The Crown’s upcoming season five and ahead of its release fans have been treated with an exclusive deleted scene. The clip shows Princess Diana’s captivating performance as she sang a ballad from The Phantom of Opera to Prince Charles.

In season four, Princess Diana Spencer (played by Emma Corrin) became the entire focus of the series as she navigated through life behind the wall of Buckingham Palace.

Bosses of the drama have never shied away from portraying the realities of the Royal family and this was the same for Diana’s storyline.

Throughout the season, viewers gained an insight into Diana and Prince Charles’ (Josh O’Connor) rocky relationship.

The newly released deleted scene showed how desperate the beloved Princess was to make her marriage work.

It showed Diana rise from her bed and crouch down in front of the TV to insert a VHS tape.

There, she watched a recording of herself singing a rendition of All I Ask by The Phantom of Opera.

She had initially gifted Charles the tape for their seventh anniversary as a plea for his unwavering love.

The video was a full production, with Diana taking centre stage at a West End theatre singing the heartfelt ballad with the support of a full orchestra.

However even the fake snow in the video could mask the cracks in her marriage and as the tape ends, Diana was in her room alone forced to face the reality of her collapsing relationship.

Although her full performance didn’t make it to screens, fans did get to see Charles’ reaction to the gift in season four, episode nine.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t impressed with her performance after watching it and even ridiculed Diana by calling it “monstrous” to Princess Anne (Erin Doherty).

Actress Emma Corin wowed showrunners with the performance, which she executed at her audition.

As well as her marriage and life as a royal, the show also displayed Diana’s philanthropic efforts that led her to become the trailblazing ally of the HIV and AIDS community.

There was also the accurate re-creation of her iconic fashions from the 1980s

The Crown also explored her difficult relationship with food as it revealed she lived with Bulimia, an eating disorder.

The upcoming season five is expected to be a tough watch for fans as it will portray Diana and Charles’ publicly brutal divorce.

It could also cover Diana’s tragic death and its effect in Buckingham Palace as well as the public reaction.

In an interview with the Mirror, Royal historian Anne Whitelock disclosed: “If the Royal Family have found The Crown uncomfortable viewing up until now, this season is not going to give them any respite.”

The Crown season 5 premieres on Netflix in 2022.

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