The Cabins star Sarah Hutchison reveals her rock hard abs jogging in Blackpool after X-rated telly romp

THE CABINS star Sarah Hutchinson worked up another sweat while showing off her rock hard abs while jogging in Blackpool after her X-rated telly romp on ITV. 

Sarah, 26, has been delighting viewers of the steamy show as her relationship with fellow Cabin resident Charlotte goes from strength to strength. 

Perhaps looking to burn off some pent up energy, the tattooed model poured her toned figure into running leggings and a crop top that showed off her rock hard abs. 

The exercise bunny made sure to stretch out before she embarked on a run in chilly Blackpool along the seafront. 

Vierwers of The Cabins were left shocked last week as Sarah and Charlotte performed a racy sex act under the covers.

The couple had decided to stay in their cabin, Otter's Pocket, and as they shared a steamy snog in bed before things soon turned x-rated as they performed a sex act on each other.

Viewers at home were dumbfounded at the turn of steamy events – especially as ITV2 captured their frantically moving covers and took to Twitter in their droves.

One penned: "What was going on under the covers eh Sarah and Char Thinking face #TheCabins".

"Sarah and Charlotte in bed though #thecabins," another wrote.

A stunned viewer commented: "Wow, f****ring on national tv #classy #thecabins".

"Did #TheCabins just show under the covers lesbian f***ring?" penned another with a love heart emoji.

After their steamy moment, they decided to leave together as an exclusive couple. Fans will have to wait to find out if they stayed together after filming ended.

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