The Cabins spoiler: Two couples share steamy kisses but Sofia breaks down in tears as Abraham refuses to sleep with her

THINGS get streamy in The Cabins tonight as two couples kiss -but Sofia breaks down in tears as Abraham refuses to sleep with her for a second night.

Fans will be in for a surprise during the ITV2 dating show where couples have 24 hours to get it together.

In tonight's show Sofia gets a blow when Abraham decides not to climb into bed with her for a second night.

It all starts off so well as Abraham and Sofia are sitting outside on the balcony of the Cabin and Abraham prepares to woo Sofia with a tune on his guitar.

Abraham says: “I’ve really enjoyed our time at The Cabins so far. I’ve learnt a lot about you. I need to say you’re very good looking. I thought I would just start off by saying that. The fact that your personality matches, I feel like I’ve just won the lottery. I think me complimenting you does bring out that smile. I like that a lot!” 

Sofia, impressed by the song and gushing words says: “I love that!”

However later in the day Sofia begins to question whether Abraham is interested in her and is confused by his reaction to information she shares about her family and isn’t sure if it’s genuine. 

When night comes, Sofia receives a blow when Abraham gets ready to sleep downstairs once again. 

It leaves Sofia questioning whether Abraham just wants to be friends.

It's a far cry from his show of affection on last night's episode.

Abraham's became a fan favourite overnight thanks to his romantic gesture for Sofia – despite his spelling blunder.

On her bed he left a note saying "Goodnight Sophia" but he spelled her name wrong.

Abraham was praised by fans of the show – dubbed the Winter Love Island – for being a gent and letting her have the bed to herself on the first night.

Meanwhile things are heating up between Charlotte and Sarah.

After holding hands in bed last night, they spend a romantic day outdoors together.

In the evening they share a kiss as they snuggle under the covers.

In Stag’s Mount, sparks have been flying between Olivia and Tom and tonight the pair grow even closer as they snuggle up and watch the sunset.


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