'The Bachelor's Jessenia Cruz Is Literally Cooler Than All of Us

Matt James is rapidly cleaning house on The Bachelor, and it’s time to dig deeper into the remaining contestants trapped in rural Pennsylvania! Specifically Jessenia, who last week survived the dreaded two-on-one with MJ after a verrrrry tense moment in the weird hotel lobby thing.

Thanks to having zero tolerance for bullying, Jessenia has quickly become a Bachelor Nation favorite. And between her love for vintage fashion and her taste in adorable dogs, she’s clearly one of the coolest people on this season. Here’s what we found out after a pretty thirsty deep dive taking us back to 2016, it’s fine.

She’s a Social Media Expert…Literally

Jessenia got a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies from the University of Texas at San Antonio, and now works in social media—so expect her to do pretty well at the whole post-Bachelor influencer thing.


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She Has the World’s Sweetest Dog

We must protect Bexie at all costs:


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She’s “Not Your Typical Pageant Girl”

Jessenia won Miss El Paso in 2016, and—as erotic novelist Chris Harrison put it—she’s “not your typical pageant girl. Opinionated, honest, and not afraid of rustling some feathers.”

Just gonna drop some throwbacks to Jessenia’s pageant days real quick….


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A post shared by Jessenia Cruz (@jesseniaa.cruz)

She Loves Vintage Shopping

Personal to-do list:


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She’s Open About Her Faith

Jessenia is pretty open about being religious, which is something she definitely has in common with Matt (who lead his contestants in a prayer on night 1):


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She’s Been in a Serious Relationship Before

We don’t know much about this guy, but Jessenia’s ABC bio reads, “After recently ending her most recent relationship, Jessenia is hoping to find her true counterpart in Matt.”

We also know that Jessenia “loves a man who takes initiative, is adventurous, and who will keep life exciting and unpredictable,” so here’s to hoping she and Matt make it work!

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