'The Bachelor': If Matt James Ends up With This Woman, Dating Expert Says It's a 'Rebound'

The Bachelor Season 25 came to a shocking conclusion last night. Matt James chose one woman in the finale, but what happened after the show wrapped was completely unexpected. Showbiz Cheat Sheet spoke with relationship expert Rori Sassoon over the phone immediately after The Bachelor finale. Here’s what she had to say

[SPOLER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for The Bachelor Season 25 finale.]

Heather Martin showed up for an episode of ‘The Bachelor’ Season 25 

As a contestant from Colton Underwood’s season, Bachelor Nation was shocked to see Heather Martin show up to fight for James’ love. The women of season 25 weren’t happy when Martin arrived at the mansion, and many of them weren’t afraid to make that known. Fortunately for the women of James’ season, Martin didn’t stay long. 

Martin was confident entering James’ season so late, mostly because of her relationship with former bachelorette Hannah Brown. But after a conversation with James, Martin was ultimately asked to leave. James felt he was invested in the relationships he formed with the other women. 

‘Bachelor’ Nation questions why Heather Martin was ‘cut out’ out ‘The Women Tell All’

After “The Women Tell All” special, Bachelor Nation wanted to know why Martin wasn’t called upon to talk about her thoughts. When the episode aired, some fans noticed Martin was in attendance. According to Yahoo, there are shots from the special clearly showing Martin sitting in the back amongst the other women from the season.

Martin later confirmed on her Instagram Stories that she was in the audience by sharing a photo recreating her pose next to Kit Keenan. It’s unclear why Martin’s appearance during “The Women Tell All” was cut from the episode.

Is Matt James in a relationship after ‘The Bachelor’?

Despite the rumors about Martin and James being a couple, the former bachelor isn’t in a relationship right now. As James revealed on Good Morning America, he is not currently dating anyone.

During the “After the Final Rose” special, James admitted his feelings for Rachael Kirkconnell didn’t just fade. Still, when asked about the possibility of having a relationship with her — or anyone else — in the future, James said he needed time to heal.

A relationship expert thinks Heather Martin could be a ‘rebound’ for Matt James

Sassoon is a relationship pro who has advised the likes of The Real Housewives. Now, she’s lending her expertise to Showbiz. When asked about Martin and James, Sassoon had a lot to say. 

“He never really gave her a chance,” Sassoon said of Martin’s brief appearance on the show. Unfortunately, “it [would be] like a rebound situation [if they were to date]” says the dating expert. 

Sassoon mentioned the James being aware of the publicity he can expect now that his season is over. She thinks at this point, James could be thinking: “Maybe I can find true love on my own.” But at this point, James is taking the time to figure things out on his own.

And while things could work out for James and Martin, Sassoon says she’ll believe it when she sees it. “I think it’s a rebound situation until it’s not,” she said of the potential between James and Martin.

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