Teen Mom’s Rachel Beaver undergoes four surgeries at once and says she’s ‘in a LOT of pain’ – The Sun

TEEN Mom: Young and Pregnant star Rachel Beaver has revealed she could "barely breathe" after undergoing a grim four procedures at the same time.

The MTV favourite, 17, took to her Instagram Stories to update her fans on her health woes, which saw her adenoids and tonsils taken out, complete with an image showing her nose taped up.

She was wearing a green hospital gown and tears were clearly in her eyes as she posed for the image, in which some of her face was out of shot.

The mom of one added the words: "4 surgeries at once was NOT a good idea.

"I'm in sm (so much) pain I can't even swallow."

She added further down the image: "I can barely breathe."

After much fan speculation about what had happened, Rachel's mom Stephanie took to Facebook to explain.

She confirmed the teenager had sinus surgery and had been given pain medication.

In a lengthy update, she wrote: “Okay for everyone who's asking Rachel had four surgeries at once today.

"We were there for about six hours, she was asleep under anesthesia for 75 minutes – she had sinus surgery for deviated septum then she also had her adenoids taken out and at the last minute they saw her tonsils and took them out to because her tonsils were way too swollen.

"Literally the doctor came to me after the surgery and told me quote-unquote man her adenoids were huge, so Rachel's in a lot of pain.

"She's on a lot of pain medication she is home now and trying to rest if she doesn't get back to you in a quick response that is why.

"They told me I have to watch her three to four days continuously because these days are critical she is still bleeding a lot in her throat and her nose, so thank you for all of the good wishes and all of the prayers, I love you all for that and please keep us in it.

"This is very rough on me and very rough on her at the same time God bless y'all."

Social media users were quick to wish the teen star well with one writing: "I hope she feels alright, that sounds dreadful."

The adenoids are glands located at the top of the mouth, which in Rachel's case were removed, and a deviated septum can make it difficult to breathe – hence the operation.

Unfortunately the op marks the next in a series of painful hospital visits for Rachel, who earlier this year miscarried her second child.

Rachel said on the season finale that she “started bleeding” the night before.

During an ultrasound appointment, her doctor said, “We’re not really seeing a heartbeat. I’m sorry Rachel.”

Rachel, her baby daddy Koty and her mom Stephanie broke down in the doctor’s office after learning of the miscarriage.

Rachel, who is mom to daughter Hazlee, 1, with ex-boyfriend Drew, learned she is pregnant earlier in the season with Koty, who she had only been dating for a few weeks.

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