Teen Mom's pregnant Cheyenne Floyd slammed as 'pathetic' for door mat that hints she wants proposal from boyfriend Zach

TEEN Mom fan have slammed Cheyenne Floyd as "pathetic" for buying a doormat that hints at a proposal.

Pregnant Cheyenne, who is dating her baby daddy Zach Davis, bought the doormat for his home, and Zach shared it on his Instagram.

"The (eventually, soon-ish, one day) Davis's," the doormat read, but fans were "embarrassed" at the blatant call for a diamond ring.

"Why do they all have that family fantasy? They're already living together. It's not going to change much once they're married," shared one fan, as others spoke fondly of the tradition of marriage.

"These are the same types of people who have a life, laugh, love sign up in their house somewhere," joked another fan, as one commented: "Everything about this is embarrassing. Everything."

"Not like this isn’t cringey enough already, the incorrect apostrophe seals the deal. I’m so embarrassed for her,"shared another, who was among many criticizing the grammar.

Cheyenne announced she was pregnant with her high school sweetheart Zach Davis' child in December.

She is already mom to daughter Ryder with ex Corey Wharton.

Announcing her pregnancy on Instagram, she wrote: "We are extremely blessed and honored that this little one has chosen us as parents.

“We prayed for this moment and wanted to hold on to it as long as we could. The past few months have been life changing in the best ways possible."

Earlier this year, Cheyenne shared a video from her extravagant gender reveal party.

During the bash, she used a helicopter to reveal blue smoke.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend Zach recently confirmed that the couple's first child together will be named Ace.

Zach took to Instagram to share a photo with his hand placed on his girlfriend's baby bump, which he captioned: "Ace's parents!"

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