Teen Mom's Mackenzie McKee claps back at nasty troll who body-shamed her as she says its 'only inside that matters'

TEEN Mom star Mackenize McKee was forced to hit back at a nasty troll who body-shamed her.

The MTV star, 26, was targeted on Instagram by the cruel social media user who claimed she had "no shape".

Despite the unnecessary comment, the mother-of-three clapped back at the troll and insisted it's "only inside that matters".

Commenting under the TV star's recent bikini photo, the nasty troll cruelly penned: "You have no shape, put some meat on your body!!"

Bravely responding to the unwarranted remark, Mackenzie wrote: "I have a shape called happiness. God made us all unique and special.

"It’s what’s on the inside that matters the most and I’m in a better place I’ve been in in a long time.

"God loves you and think your body is perfect as well. Have a blessed day".

Many of her fans rushed to her defense and called out the mean comment with one loyal follower adding: "what a nasty jealous comment.

"Her body is amazing and athletic, obviously much healthier than 'meat on her bones'" (sic).

"you have no manners put your foot in you mouth………." another furiously penned.

The furor comes after Mackenzie seemingly confirmed rumors that she and estranged husband Josh are back together after splitting up due to his alleged affair.

The TV personality celebrated her final day as a 25-year-old yesterday with the father of three children and shared a cute picture of the two of them.

Mackenzie and Josh snuggled up close in the new photo, with both of them smiling big for the camera and holding onto one another with their arms around each other’s backs.

The Teen Mom captioned the sweet snapshot: "Mom and Dad. And my last day to be 25😜."

She seemed to not want to see any negative messages from fans about their reunion after his supposed affair because she turned the comments off on the Instagram post.

Fans already assumed the two had gotten back together, though, after Josh appeared in a new Florida picture with Mackenzie and their three kids – Gannon, eight, Jaxie, six, and Broncs, three.

Plus, Mackenzie recently moved her family to Florida from Oklahoma, and she was seen wearing her wedding ring during her move.

"I think we all anticipated this happening," commented one fan on Reddit.

Another added: "She’s been wearing her ring the entire time. I’m not shocked. She had it on when she was packing the car and on the beach."

One fan insisted: "Who is actually surprised by this? They will never split up. Never."

In May, Mackenzie accused her husband of having an "affair" with her cousin after the death of her beloved mom Angie in December from cancer.

The Body by Mac owner wrote: “One week after my mom died, when he started leaving and changing his behavior, [I] find he was texting a woman 3-600 times per month and calling her.

"I got to call the number and it was my close cousin Ashley.

"My family will never be the same and we are all torn. I WAS NOT only hurt by him, but by her.

"I'm now opening my eyes to what a horrible man Josh has been. He has been a lie… but today is the day I walk away.”

But Mackenzie later defended her husband by tweeting: "I never used the word 'banging' or 'cheating' please stop stalking and digging for relatives and invading privacy."

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