Teen Mom Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie reaches truce in war over son Hudson after ex tried to take away full custody

TEEN Mom OG star Ryan Edwards’ wife Mackenzie reached a truce in her nasty court war over her son Hudson after her ex-husband demanded a judge take away full custody of their son. 

Mackenzie, 24, has primary custody of Hudson, who she shares with ex-husband Zachary Stephens. 

Zach requested 50/50 custody of Hudson, as she currently has their son for 209 days of the year, while he has him for the remaining 156.

The Sun can exclusively reveal Mackenzie and Zach began mediation on March 8, which means they attempted to resolve their custody issues out of court.

Court papers reveal the case has been “settled,” as Mackenzie and Zach have resolved “all issues.”

A clerk for the Tennessee court could not provide the outcome of mediation to The Sun at this time. 

As The Sun previously reported, Zach claimed in court papers that since their custody agreement in November 2016, a “material and substantial change” has occurred that “affects” Hudson.

In Mackenzie’s response, she denied there has been a “material and substantial change” and “demanded strict proof” of the allegation. 

The court papers filed on January 15 explain that Mackenzie “remarried” and welcomed two children. 

Zach alleged he “has the minor child for the majority of the parenting time” and that Hudson “spends the majority of the parenting time with the child’s maternal grandparents.”

Mackenzie denied Hudson is mainly with Zach and her parents, and “demanded strict proof” of his claim.

He also mentioned how Mackenzie has a “prominent role” on Teen Mom OG and that Hudson is “regularly featured.”

Zach alleged: “Father believes that the minor child’s involvement with the television program may be detrimental to the welfare and well-being of the minor child.”

Mackenzie, who shares son Jagger, 2, and daughter Stella, 1, with Ryan, denied the MTV show has negatively impacted their son. 

He continued to claim that Mackenzie has “decision-authority” regarding Hudson and is required to consult with her ex, but that she “has made many decisions” without his input, which she denied in her response. 

Mackenzie’s ex-husband also provided a proposed parenting plan, where they would both have Hudson for 182.5 days of the year. 

He is requesting they share major decisions including educational, religious, extracurricular activities and non-emergency health care.

Zach also requested she pay child support to him. 

In Mackenzie’s response, she admitted she is “able and capable of providing support.” 

Mackenzie responded at the time for the judge to “dismiss” his request for joint custody.

Mackenzie and Zach got married in September 2013 when she was five months pregnant with their son. 

She filed for divorce in July 2016 and their divorce was finalized in November 2016.

In December, Mackenzie appeared to slam her baby daddy on Instagram. 

She posted a quote on her Instagram Story that read: “Gaslighting is a form of psychological manipulation and emotional abuse. The gaslight avoids responsibility for their toxic behavior by lying and denying and making you question facts, your memory and your feelings. 

“Basically, the Gaslighter makes you feel crazy and confused. Know this now: You’re NOT crazy. You’re being manipulated AND this is TOXIC and NOT ACCEPTABLE.”

Mackenzie wrote on the quote: “If your co-parenting relationship looks like this – you too are being gas lit. You’re welcome.”

Though the post comes amid her husband’s feud with his baby mama Maci Bookout, Mackenzie insisted the post is not about them. 

But as for Ryan and Maci, their son Bentley, 12, refused to see his father until he agreed to go to therapy with him to work on their strained relationship. 

Maci has taken to Twitter to slam Ryan and Mackenzie. 

When Ryan called Maci a “spiteful evil b***h” because Bentley didn’t want to go to his brother Jagger’s birthday at their home, Maci tweeted: "I really wanted to post some 'petty b*tch' (and hilarious) comments, but I'll wait until they can tell me the definition of 'petty' without googling it and reading it aloud.” 

Then, when Mackenzie called Maci a “petty b***h” for keeping Bentley from them on this week's episode, she went off after the episode. 

Maci, who is also mom to Jayde, 5, and Maverick, 4, with husband Taylor McKinney, fired: “When that girl says 'if it has any effect on you seeing B' & then he says 'she does that all the time' I’m like hold the damn phone.

"Do I have control over his bio dad showing up to 5 out of the 100 school/sport events Benny has? & why does he never call/text B?

She added: "I’d rather be a petty b***h than a stupid one. #allday."

Fans have also speculated that Ryan, who has struggled with heroin abuse in the past, may have relapsed after he appeared “high” on a previous episode, though his father Larry insisted his son has remained sober. 

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