Teen Mom Leah Messer admits she was once in a kiddie ‘Fight Club’ and arrested for juvenile assault – The Sun

TEEN Mom 2 star Leah Messer has opened up on her brutal childhood, and revealed that she was in a school ground "fight club".

The 28-year-old has shared her experiences in a new memoir, titled Hope, Grace and Faith, and admitted that it only ended when she was arrested for juvenile assault.

An excerpt from her book reveals that she was "part of what I can only describe as an elementary school Fight Club".

“Every day at recess there would be these prearranged fights. It was totally under the radar, but also highly organized," she shared.

“You’d be down on the ground wrestling, pulling hair, punching and kicking each other, doing whatever you had to do to stay in the fight until one of you finally gave in.

"I was actually undefeated, and then on my third or fourth fight, the girl I was up against got hurt and we all got in trouble.”

In the excerpt, shared on The Ashley, she continued: "I tackled her and took her down, but as she was squirming around on the ground, she hit her kneecap on the wooden wall of the cabin and it split open," claiming that the onlookers "scattered" and left her to deal with the consequences.

But that wasn't the end of her experiences with fighting, as she goes on to claim that her skills were put to use in high school after her mother, Dawn Spears, and grandmother told her she had to take a stand against a fellow student they felt was hitting on Leah's then-boyfriend Robbie Kidd.

Even though her family knew that she didn't want to get suspended.

Leah then took her grandmother's advice and attacked the girl with no warning.

“Something inside me just snapped and the impulse to fight completely took over… It was like all this rage that had been simmering under the surface had finally boiled over and I couldn’t stop,” she shared.

Her actions however led to the girl ending up in hospital "and her family pressed charges against me for juvenile assault".

She was also suspended from school, forced to see a parole officer once a month for six months, and her grandmother had to pay the girl’s hospital bill.

Leah has also shared further shocking confessions in the upcoming book, including claiming that she was sexually abused when she was about “five or six" by a teenager who helped watch her during her mother’s hospital shifts.

Leah wrote in the book, which is out May 5: “Sometimes she would chase me and try to kiss me, and I would have to run away and hide. I really wanted her to like me, but at the same time, she made me feel weird and uncomfortable.”

In a series of exclusives published by The Sun, Leah aslo revealed that she had "blacked out years" due to her painkiller addiction, and admitted to having an abortion because she was conflicted over her relationship with ex-husband Corey Simms.

At the time, the mom-of-three had claimed she had miscarried, and Jeremy told The Sun that he had "heard things about the abortion after the cheating scandal and before we got divorced".

"In my heart I never wanted to question a woman on that," he said. "Eventually she did tell me the truth and it was upsetting to hear."

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