Teen Mom Jade Cline slammed as a 'bad mom' for not safely putting three-year-old daughter Kloie in car seat

TEEN Mom Jade Cline was slammed as a "bad mom" for not safely putting her three-year-old daughter Kloie in her car seat.

She recently came out and confessed that her Brazilian butt lift was one of the roughest experiences she's had.

During this week's episode of Teen Mom 2, fans caught a glimpse of Jade driving with her daughter strapped behind her.

However, eagled-eyed viewers noticed that Kloie was not settled correctly into her car seat as her jacket was still on her, preventing her from being securely strapped.

She was also facing forward, which is advised against, and the straps of her car seat were below her shoulders.

Fans quickly took to social media to slam Jade for not knowing any better.

One person wrote: "There's no car safety in this franchise. The girls talk and text while they're driving, no seatbelts, Jenelle's road rage incident. So many bad examples you lose count."

A second one commented: "Yikes, the puffy coat and the straps? And forward facing when she clearly could still be rear? How many offenses does she need to make?"

And a third one shared: "She had to try to get it this wrong.

"It is not hard to get car seats right. You can read like four sentences in the install manual, any baby-related website, or even watch a YouTube.

"You have to try to avoid knowing how to put your kids in safety – like actively avoid it. So she either really did or she doesn't care."

Just yesterday, the 23-year-old revealed there "was a lot of crying" following her plastic surgery makeover earlier this year.

After sporting her curves on social media, reality stare Jade is set to show her road to recovery in the new series of Teen Mom 2.

"Do you regret doing the surgery? The upcoming season previews look brutal," one fan submitted in the Q&A box.

"No, it's raw and real," Jade responded. "It was rough as hell but I got through it. Glad I shared my journey."

She concluded by explaining there was "a lot of crying" as well as "a lot of laughing" during the recovery process.

This week, the mom-of-one admitted she "still feels a little sore in some spots" following the procedure, which she had done in Miami.

Jade told Pop Culture that she pushed herself a little too hard in her recovery as she looked after three-year-old Kloie at home.

"It was a hard experience, it was a hard journey," she explained, adding that she was "so vulnerable" at "the worst points" of the surgery journey.

Jade was recently accused of using photoshop and “looking so different” after posting a glam selfie on social media.

The reality star, who underwent Brazilian butt lift in January, shared a sultry selfie with her 542k Instagram followers. 

The image of the Teen Mom shared to Reddit attracted a lot of attention with many users saying they felt she looked “so different.”

One wrote scathingly underneath: “If you're gonna use snap filters on your pics, at least use the same one every time.”

“She looks different in every photo I see of her,” blasted another, as a third said: “Photoshop 1579 of Jade.”

Jade flew to Miami to get the Brazilian butt lift, which involves taking fat from elsewhere on the body and injecting it into the butt.

"I saw so many people I knew that were having BBLs, and I was so impressed and astonished at the shapes of their bodies," she explained on her podcast, Jay & Kay Unfiltered.

She described the surgery as being "painful" and claimed it took some "unexpected turns."

She said: "It was 10 times worse than child birth. Everyone is different, but I know that my body definitely had a hard time recovering."


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