Teen Mom Farrah Abraham SLAMMED for toting dog in plastic carrier with just a few small holes – The Sun

FARRAH Abraham was slammed by fans after she carried her dog around in a plastic dog carrier in California.

The former Teen Mom OG star shared a video of herself out and about in Beverly Hills showing off her face masks with her daughter, Sophia.

Farrah, 28, shared the video on her social media account and fans were furious over her dog carrier.

She captioned the post: "Feelin' some #joeexotic vibes today #tigerking shout out to @polatteu @infamous_swim for #leopardprint #facemask & swim fashion @booandcupcake is my cat today #king."

In the comments section, fans slammed the reality star's dog carrier.

One user wrote: "Stay home and let that poor dog out!"

Another said: "That dog carry doesn't look well ventilated. Better to just carry in your arms or walk on a leash."

One comment said: "Geez I hate this dog bag. Poor thing will be hot and have motion sickness."

Another follower said: "Those dog carriers shouldn't exist."

One follower asked: "What is that plastic suitcase? That dog is probably hot then MF…SMH."

Farrah fired back: "It's a dog carry dumba**."

In early March, Farrah was accused of "animal abuse."

On Boo and Cupcake’s Instagram page, a video shows Cupcake walking with a ribbon tied around her mouth.

One user wrote: “This is animal cruelty. You shouldn’t be allowed to own pets. Makes me so upset to see this kind of treatment of dogs.”

Another comment read: "This is animal abuse!!!"

Followers tagged animal rights organizations PETA and ASPCA.

PETA Senior Director of Cruelty Casework Stephanie Bell exclusively told The Sun in a statement: "Subjecting dogs to the stress of being dyed—which is also potentially toxic—and restricting their opportunities to eat, drink, and even breathe by tying a ribbon around their mouth are cruel acts that can have fatal consequences, and they show a profound lack of empathy.

"PETA urges Farrah Abraham to start treating dogs like more than fashion accessories or surrender them to someone who will love them unconditionally."

Farrah received "death threats" over the video of her dogs and fired back.

She told The Sun exclusively: "Haters made up a ‘ribbon’ is on my pets, which is false. We use a muzzle per a trainer’s review for her training, which are sold at all pet stores."

Farrah added: "Sophia treats [the dogs] as sister and brother… like royalty. We do have emotional support animals and they must be trained to the guidelines of the law."

In July 2018, Sophia was accused of killing their Pomeranian Blue.

As the two cried, Farrah explained on Instagram Live that her 10-year-old found the dog not moving.

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