Teen Mom Cheyenne Floyd's boyfriend Zach Davis looks shocked as she drops bombshell she's PREGNANT with his baby

TEEN Mom star Cheyenne Floyd managed to shock boyfriend Zach Davis into silence as she drops the bombshell she’s pregnant with his baby. 

The 30-year-old looked fleetingly shocked before breaking into a huge grin and cheering as he hugged his baby mama-to-be. 

In the trailer for a new episode of Teen Mom OG, fans finally get to see the moment Cheyenne drops the bombshell on her boyfriend Zach that she’s having his baby. 

The official Instagram account for the MTV show shared a short clip of the new upcoming series. 

Cheyenne tells viewers that everything is going great since Zach moved in and she’s got a surprise for him. 

The clip then cuts to some home video showing Zach walking over to Cheyenne who is sitting on the bed holding something. 

As she passes him the pregnancy test his face looks shocked before it breaks into a huge grin and he goes in to hug his girlfriend. 

Cheyenne says: “We’re having a baby!”

Viewers next get to see the reality star suffering from morning sickness as she’s forced to flee the car and rush back inside the house to vomit. 

Fans of the TV show rushed to heap congratulations on Cheyenne and many moms shared her pain over the sickness. 

One wrote: “I would have barfed right outside the Jeep onto the driveway! Ughhh worst feeling everrrrrrrr!!!”

“I hated that sooo much feeling sick all the time,” sympathised another. 

While a third added: “Oh yes those good old days lol so worth it”

Cheyenne and Zach announced they were having a baby in December 2020 with an adorable maternity photoshoot.

The MTV star is expecting baby number two after welcoming her daughter, Ryder, three years ago with ex, Cory Wharton. 

Under the Instagram announcement post, her ex congratulated her on the big news, and commented: “Finally!! Dear Lord YES CHEY IS PREGNANT!!!!! 

“Congratulations Chex and Zach happy for you both! And Ryder you’re gonna have another sibling!!!!”

His baby mama, Taylor Selfridge, also showed her love with a line of hearts and wrote "Yayyyy finally!!"

Just days after announcing they were expecting a baby, Cheyenne revealed the baby is a boy.

“It’s a BOY! I might still be in shock that I am having a boy. Happiness is an understatement to try to explain how we feel," Cheyenne posted.

“My family and I are elated!! Ryder wanted a baby brother, and swears she knew this whole time. 

“I know she’s going to be an amazing big sister. Mommy and daddy love you and can’t wait to meet you."

Teen Mom OG airs Tuesday nights at 8pm ET.

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